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Age 30 or 35? Salon does not get time to go? The day of the workload? What do you think that is?
No, not the time when you do not have to go out and rupacarca. You do not need to spend money to buy expensive cream that step. Familiar with some elements of your kitchen can be nice to yourself. This feature is quite effective to maintain skin jellake. This is the secret formula to create a face pack. This face pack will remain intact in the use of regular appearance of your youth.

Face pack elements of anti-eijim
Two tablespoons of refined rice flour (you can also use flour)
1 teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder or 1 percent to 3 percent rebate
5 teaspoon of raw milk
1 teaspoon rose water
Cucumber juice 1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon honey

Process the mixture brewing
First, rice flour or flour and turmeric powder in a bowl and mix well.
The cucumber juice and milk to create a paste-like.
Wash your face well. Then gently rub the mixture and apply to wet face.
Leave for 10 minutes when fully fitted.
Take a light rub with the fingertips after 10 minutes. Keep the face smeared with honey.
Light wash the face with warm water after 10 minutes. Take off your face gently with a natural rose water.
3/4 times a week Use this face pack.