Beef with Balsam Apple/Bitter Melon Special Recipe






For 4 servings: Marinate 200g of filet beef (medallion) with salt and black pepper; grill and cook, according to desired taste.

For the mushroom salsa, heat 20ml olive oil in a pan and saute 30g button mushrooms (cut in half) and 5g of chopped onions. Add 5ml of white wine and cook for 30 seconds. Remove from the heat and leave it to cool.

Combine the olive oil and HOT CHILLI SUPERDENSE BALSAMIC in a bowl and add the sauteed mushrooms, 5g of spring onions, 5g of basil leaves, sliced, 30g of asparagus tips, blanched, and 10g of cherry tomatoes, cut in half. Mix all ingredients well and season with salt, pepper and HOT CHILLI SUPERDENSE BALSAMIC.