Benefits of putting Onion under feet


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What do you put a piece of onion on the leg for resistance to cold sleep? If not, at least, must have heard. They may be surprised or laugh at first listening! But it’s really effective.

When a problem when you cough onion will work excellently. But the worst part is the smell. To remove the smell of many physical and chemical air fresheners that you can use.

Some components of onions have a great variety of drugs that has been used traditionally. Each different cultures onion recipes are used as the main ingredient. Let’s assume that the onions and set foot on the benefits of sleep bisaye

The neglect of the other parts of the body get a lot of foot. Sambahanera legs hurt only when there is a problem or when we are careful to toe. Therefore, we forget that our most important organs of the body through the nerves to the feet of connecting.

This link points to the meridians. These are combined with acupuncture points. They contain a lot of electrical energy, when they flared in other parts of the body influence.
Onions on the feet of the benefits of sleep:

1. Infection away: Onion natural antibiotic. Put the onions in the bottom of the feet while sleeping any other parts of the body against infections is beneficial. The disease is to accelerate the healing process.

2. Improve the process of removing toxic substances: toxic substances in the blood that are harmful to the health of the deposit. Onion phasaphorika acid acts like a magnet for toxic substances. Helps them to get them out of the body easily. As a result of its use is to improve health on a regular basis.

3. Moisture body which onion is 90 percent water. Meridiyanera delivers electrical energy for the body of water. So those who consumed less water is advised to sleep on their feet and put the onion in the bottom of the page.

4. Strengthen the immune system: Vitamin E and vitamin C-rich onion. Which is essential for our body’s defense system. This acts as an antioxidant vitamines nice. This process slow the growth of the cellular age.

Put sleep on your feet onions yebhabe
You can use any kind of white or red pemyajai. Slice an onion goals. Put the onions in the middle of the bottom of the foot wear socks. You can use it every day or once a week, can be used. There are no side effects of the remediation. You can use it safely. And the smell of onions, rub with a spoon to remove the legs of stainless steel can or can use air fresheners.