Breast Milk in 500 hundred dollar!

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Syndicate is one of the big selling breast milk. Not only economic factors, involved with the kind of luxury. Australian women have started selling milk in private. Just one liter of milk they sell about 40 thousand rupees, down where ordinary milk price than a hundred.
According to the investigation, the sales trend in women’s breast milk in Australia, the worst affected. And the main role of the high price of milk.

The family is economically sabalambi their children to drink milk, as well as some of the milk is sold. If this trend continues, the issue was not so much harm.
But the investigation is known, for it is not just the economic issues involved. Syndicate syndicate that has made a secret of breastfeeding mothers to sell the customer research is to collect and encourage them to sell breast milk.

And a lot of money, greed, and their parents are encouraged to sell kumantranaya breast milk. Some mothers said they are about 00 to 500 dollars a liter of milk sold.
They sell for $ 200500 liters of milk and milk bikrieka. Some pay more than you want.
Breast cancer patients and is a major buyer of buying some of the mothers who suckled their child can not. Moreover, with some of the athletes were women associated with the consumption of milk purchased. They occur naturally in breast milk of women have chosen to increase physical strength.

An unnamed mother said he has long been involved in the sale of breast milk. However, he does not milk prices sky. Just one liter of milk sells for $ 30, he said. But his girlfriend, who have a lot of any kind of discrimination is not over-price sales of breast milk has become a business.

The woman said, here there is no demand. Cancer patients and asked him to sell milk to them. Their economic condition is good. The husband has a good job. Get money by selling milk to her children that she spent extra sebayatne.

He told the story of her breast milk to sell, at one time, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He needed milk. Since then, he began to milk. Until now, he has a lot of milk and cancer patients, and it has become normal to him.

After a terrible world came to know about the profession of hope, he said, “This is a very dangerous job so I did not know what became. Now, just because he wanted to help people in need of breast milk to sell or not, many women have chosen it as a career, and their children do not eat it with milk are sold properly.