Bright skin in just 2 hours






Within two hours to remove the dark spots on the skin shine, Sid flux. However, with the two elements of fuller’s earth and honey mix. How to use this pack and have been advised about the life boldaskai section of the website. Refer to the one eye.

The first step

Heat half a cup of water and simmer on the stove. One tablespoon of the boil 10 to 15 minutes Heat flux with Sid. Stir with a spoon. Now turn off the stove, place a white cloth tied the mouth of the PAN. Thus, wait one to two hours.

The second step

The water flux shed seed to blend well. When the milk and mix in a little more frequent.

The third step

Now let’s take one teaspoon of the mixture with fuller’s earth. Fuller’s earth helps to remove skin impurities.

The fourth step

One tablespoon of the mixture with honey, please pack, which will help to retain moisture in your skin.

The fifth step

Klinajara the mouth to clean it with. So do not have any kind of makeup.

The sixth step

A brush this mixture and put it on the whole face, wait 15 to 0 minutes. When dry, soaked with water for two minutes, the light massage. Wash the face with lukewarm water. See, the moment will be brighter skin.