Bring natural tone of your skin with this home made lotion


Format_2_home made lotion to bring your natural color

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Sun burn, the skin is not properly taken care of, our skin due to the natural color of skin is not clean, we got lost. Brightness decreases skin, skin that looks dirty. Seen a lot of time, a lot of color, the color does not match with the mouth. In other words, from the mouth of the black color looks. All these problems will bring back the skin natural brightness and a natural lotion.

Keep in mind that before using the lotion byaparagulo
• The lotion is a lotion pharsakari color.
• It is only natural kalarake bring back your skin.
• It can easily be made with only two ingredients. This is completely natural ingredients.
Let’s assume that, what material and how this lotion will make.

• A lemon
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• A small clear glass bottle

How to prepare:
Cut the lemon. Lemon juice eject chip. Place a clean cup of lemon rasatuku strain. 1 teaspoon of sugar with the lemon juice in it. Mixture and mix well with a spoon.
Now, mix Pour a small pot. Let it simmer on the stove mix firewood. When will appear, then turn off the oven after 10 seconds. Lotion should be liquid type. Let the mixture cool itself. When cool, pour it in a clear glass bottle it. This was made braitenim lotion to your skin. 7 days in the refrigerator can save it.

How to use:
Be sure to clean the mouth with phesaoyasa. Then, trapped in a small katanabale the use of lotion. Keep an eye eriya dropped. Face lotion pack and leave it on for 0 minutes. Normal 0 minutes and wash off with water and remove it. After applying moisturizer of your choice. Use it once a day. Hopefully, you can understand the difference between 3 days.

Some caution:
Lime has been used since the losanatite, after use so that the face is a little scratch. It is to me. It decreases a little later. But those who have allergies / irritation began immediately after use and wash your face, and refrain from using it.

Also some tips:
• klinjim day, tonim, mayescaraijim comply routine.
• scrubbing to 3 days a week.
• Do not use sunscreen before going outside.

Hopefully, my natural skin lotion recipe braitenim very much come in handy.