British man given birth to a child!

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The 21-year-old Headen Cross, Britain’s father, has created a stir by giving birth to a man. Earlier, in the United States, Thomas Breity, named after the male pregnancy, gave birth to a child.

In a report released by the Indian media NDTV, Headen gave birth to daughter on June 16.

It is said in the report that she was pregnant through a sperm donor. The name of the newborn named Trinity Le
It is known that from the beginning, Hayden was not a man. He treated his hair through a long hormone treatment. But the process of his entire male is not yet finished.

Hayden said that he found a sperm in a Facebook group in September last year.

Earlier in the year 2008, Thomas Breity, a man in the United States, first gave birth to a baby boy. He partly transmitted sex through sex.

The cost to change sex in Britain is £ 29,000 per penny.