Career of Arijit Singh may be end this year





Bollywood singer of the moment as the number one pick someone to talk to about all arijit Singh. Come to one of the songs in the last couple of years has been extraordinary magic of his voice. In the last five years, he sang songs that have touched the hearts of audiences. Singh’s Bollywood career ended suddenly arijit such fears. According to himself, his singing in Bollywood this year appears to be the end of the year.

Arijit said in an interview why he is such fear. According to him, the singers, the film is more stable period of 5-6 years. Such condition applies more today. This could be the result of his singers in Bollywood last year.

This year, along with hits of neon Salman Khan arijit Singh came after controversy over the title of the report. He later apologized and social debate on a post. Sultan asked his participants to keep the song in the film ghumega jug. The Caprice was kept. However, apart from the long list of hits arijitera this year. Eyaraliphata film ‘sake do not soca’, Kapoor and sanse ‘bolana’ Rustam film ‘thousand-point “for all the tracks wandered orally. The title of the film is difficult to Ae Dil Hai tryakatio been popular. As soon as arijitera Time will tell whether it will be the end of his career.