Parineeti’s beauty secret is in just 15 minutes


  Among the famous actresses whose skin is very nice, among them the first row is ‘Paraniati Chopra’. He is very much appreciated about his skin and body structure. This extraordinary woman believes that it is possible to create something extraordinary even in ordinary people. That is why he followed every 15-minute skinquare routine with a lot of enthusiasm. In ...

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Eid market is full of strange name dresses!

rupcare_strange eid dress

  The name of the braided dress is ‘Bahubali’. If you want to buy, Murri Murri! Kiranamala, birds or Bagira is not a mastani. Eid garment has been grabbed by the Bahubali 2, Rakhi bondage, boss 2. Whatever the garment, the name of the name is like a scarf. When the market was visited, the frames of birds, kiranmala or ...

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Eid fashion trends 2017

rupcare_eid fashion 2017

  After some days the holy Eid ul Fitr In the meantime, in the purchase of Eid clothes, The vendors are also busy trying to meet the needs of the customers. If you are not buying the Eid dress yet, you can know exactly what kind of clothes are going on in the Eid. What kind of clothing has taken ...

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Pohela Boishakh Morning & Evening Make-up Tips


  Like the first day of the new Bengali year on maneramato harness and plugged beliphulera necklace. Many have been worried about the intense heat and sweat thinking about the trappings of the day. After the sentencing, if you lose sweating meikaapa the ground all the joy of the festival. The day would be facing the light. Shivani De Aroma ...

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Make your Pohela Boishakh looks very special


  April came back around the year. Bengali New Year to welcome the souls of the fair, giving priority to the red-and-white garb turn. Starting from the shopping streets, the crowd at the mall. For the April festival of Bengali life. Panta fish, red, white and gold, and a new self panjabite everyone gets back. The new colorful cushions can ...

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How to prepare for night party


  Who does not love to keep themselves? Each woman is hiding inside decorations talent. This is the right place to express the talent show night. Who can make you reflect properly on the night. The more you can pretend this night never harness will not agree on. So take a splendid way to express sajake night. How prepare for ...

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Muslim dress is most popular in USA

rupcare_muslim dress is popular in usa

  There’s a modest fashion trend happening today; this makes that the Muslim fashion industry is starting to get a place in the fashion industry worldwide. These are seven Muslim fashion designers who are making their way into the dazzling world of fashion. Iman Aldebe Known for her remarkable turban character, Iman Aldebe is not only designing, she is also ...

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6 best foundations in the market

rupcare_best 6 foundations

  Beauty comes at a price, and in the case of foundations, that is literally accurate. In order to get a good flawless base, we often find ourselves confronted with such exorbitant prices and wonder if it’s actually worth it. Fret not, I am here to tell you that beauty can come under a budget as well! In order to ...

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Hair Style of Pohela Falgun

rupcare_falgun hair style

  Falgun means to cover the flowers. The sari with spring flower decoration women. Handloom Sarees khopa spring after a few flowers in their hair, or if you do not come back? I must phalunera the sajatai the flowers without soil. Let’s get to know what this phalgune women planting flowers in the hair fashion is all about. Flower Ring ...

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9 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Brighter

rupcare_9 makeup tricks

  Look, we’d love to live in a world where we always get a full eight hours of sleep a night—but that’s just not reality. Sometimes we stay up way too late clicking around on Pinterest or binge watching our latest Netflix obsession. The result? Tired, bloodshot eyes. And when your eyes look exhausted the rest of your face looks ...

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Kareena again star of fashion week after pregnancy

rupcare_kareena at fashion week 2017

  Bollywood actress Preity Zinta walked the ramp for designer Sanjukta on day two of the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017. As she sashayed down the runway in a black sari from the designer’s collection, it became clear why the Assamese-based designer chose her as a muse. Her charismatic aura and her vivacious personality was welcomed with a thundering ...

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Colorful Fashion in Pohela Falgun


  Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and winter is bidding farewell. Yes, the Bangla month of Falgun is on our doorstep. And what better way is there to welcome this month other than by celebrating Pohela Falgun? Ornate Nature Harmonize with the serenity of nature in your style statement. Bring the purity of white in your fashion and mix ...

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Perfect Pancake according to skin tone


  Mekaape heavy pancake decoration essential. The inequality of the skin, such as various types of defect blemisa, acne scars, and pancakes are used to cover the hole. If you know about the pancake skin color can match the shade of choice. There are many companies on the market 1 to 30 pancakes shade. In addition, from white to pink, ...

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