Just 6 things you need to do for weight loss

rupcare_6 tips to weight loss

  Many people may not have achieved success even after trying hard to lose weight for a long time. Or can not hold it again after the success has come. Or losing weight, dieting and losing health again. You need to do these six things to avoid these problems … 1. Pick the right exercise for you Choose which one ...

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This drink will lose your weight without exercise

rupcare_slimming drink

  Are you fighting too much weight? Diet or exercise, can not reduce weight, can not get excess weight, slim and attractive figure like mind? Many do not have time to exercise again, there is no scope for diet. Hey or how to reduce weight? Today, know a great recipe. Make this drink every morning and drink empty stomach. Without ...

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Get perfect hip and thigh easily

rupcare_hip and thigh exercise

  With the improvement of technology in the present age, the amount of physical labor has decreased greatly. Sport, walking on foot – it has been closed long ago. Sit on him and sit for a long time in the car park. With this condition uncontrolled eating and drinking, our body’s fitness is going to stand where it is not ...

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3 exercise to reduce belly fat

rupcare_belly fat reducing exercise

  One of the main obstacles in stomach fat is to keep body fit. It is seen in many parts of the body that there is no fat in it, but fat stomach is destroying the entire fitness system. Meanwhile, the food is not fully functioning even after controlling food. In fact, in addition to food control, some exercises should ...

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Weight loss tips after cesarean

rupcare_weight loss after c section

  It is a difficult time for a woman to have a baby. But when he took his newborn baby in his arms, all his troubles disappeared. But the next weight of pregnancy is not easily reduced. Especially in Caesarean, it takes a lot of time to reduce belly fat and go back to the previous condition and it is ...

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6 foods that lose weight by reducing hunger

rupcare_weight loss food

  Is hunger just body feeling? definitely no. A delicious meal comes before our eyes, but we want to eat. Healthy appetite is good for health. But the desire to hunger or eat is not good at all. Increased hunger includes unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, depression and various mental factors. Suddenly, your weight has started to grow. Do you know ...

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How Bhumi Pednekar lose 21 Kg weight in just 4 months

rupcare_bhumi weight loss

  Akshay Kumar and Bhoomi Peedniker’s latest movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Talk’ is now Bollywood’s talk of the town. More than 10 million times more than the first day of the movie’s trailer release. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been praising the movie fivefold Along with Akshay, the role of Landkadykar is also widely acclaimed. Do you think that ...

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How Adnan Sami became 230 kg to 85 kg!

rupcare_adnan sami weight loss

  The day was on 6 June 2006. Adnan Sami, after eating a big piece of cheeses, boiled beans and boiled beans in a big piece, ‘This is the beginning, the new chapter starts from now.’ From that day, Adnan Sami, weighing 230 kg, went on a journey to be a new man. Healthy living and moderate foods begin to ...

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Reduce 10 Kg weight in just 14 days

rupcare_reduce 10 kg in 14 days

  Add eggs to your fitness regime. The benefits of getting it in 14 days will be the benefits. According to experts, eggs can be removed from the body in 14 days by 10 kg weight. It sounds incredible, but it is true! Fitness experts say, it is possible to lose weight of at least 10 kg in just 14 ...

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How Sonakshi reduces her weight


  ‘I’m here to be a hero, I do not have to do the zeros!’ Once in an interview, Sonokhi answered such an extra while saying about his excess weight. But now, after losing weight, he is one of Bollywood’s fashion and style diva. The picture that Sonakshi has posted on her Instagram account a few days ago is remarkable. ...

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Choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s Weight Loss Story

rupcare_ganesh weight loss

  Theone person who comes in our minds when we think about Bollywood dancing is Govinda! The person behind Govinda’s flawless choreographies is the famous choreographer, Ganesh Acharya. From ‘Chikni Chameli’, ‘Malhari’ to ‘Dabangg’, you name a song and a signature step will pop in your mind; Ganesh Acharya has given us all this. 21 year-old Ganesh started his journey ...

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4 thigh fat reducing exercises…


  Regular Exercise Keeps Your Body Tone and Fat Free Along with your sweat, you can get rid of the toxins that are present in the body and attach the body to the body for a long time. Exercise and diet is not difficult to find healthy and beautiful bodies in the conference! Nowadays, the tendency of sitting in our ...

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Banana for belly fat reduction

rupcare_banana for belly fat reduction

  Many people think that eating bananas increases weight. But experts say, bananas in various ways help reduce weight. There are plenty of potassium in fruit or fruits that are available throughout the year. The banana body can prevent swelling and swelling. So, those who want to reduce belly fat can put bananas in the diet. There are all types ...

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Get rid of double chin with some exercise


    When the fat begins to accumulate in the body, the cheeks begin to accumulate fats in the mouth along with the mouth, which can be seen as double china. Again, without the excess weight of many, the mouth and throat place is heavy and swollen. This double chain looks spoil the looks. Both men and women are facing ...

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Japanese secret of attractive figure and long life

rupcare_japanese secret

  Comparatively, the Japanese are long-term. Not only that, Japanese skin is more beautiful and tender than people of other countries. Even the fat in the body is not found anywhere! Their lifestyle is behind their good health. Japaneseers follow some rules that help them get beautiful skin and interesting figure. 1. Get Green Tea Green tea contains plenty of ...

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