How Bhumi Pednekar lose 21 Kg weight in just 4 months

rupcare_bhumi weight loss

  Akshay Kumar and Bhoomi Peedniker’s latest movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Talk’ is now Bollywood’s talk of the town. More than 10 million times more than the first day of the movie’s trailer release. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been praising the movie fivefold Along with Akshay, the role of Landkadykar is also widely acclaimed. Do you think that ...

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How Adnan Sami became 230 kg to 85 kg!

rupcare_adnan sami weight loss

  The day was on 6 June 2006. Adnan Sami, after eating a big piece of cheeses, boiled beans and boiled beans in a big piece, ‘This is the beginning, the new chapter starts from now.’ From that day, Adnan Sami, weighing 230 kg, went on a journey to be a new man. Healthy living and moderate foods begin to ...

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Reduce 10 Kg weight in just 14 days

rupcare_reduce 10 kg in 14 days

  Add eggs to your fitness regime. The benefits of getting it in 14 days will be the benefits. According to experts, eggs can be removed from the body in 14 days by 10 kg weight. It sounds incredible, but it is true! Fitness experts say, it is possible to lose weight of at least 10 kg in just 14 ...

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How Sonakshi reduces her weight


  ‘I’m here to be a hero, I do not have to do the zeros!’ Once in an interview, Sonokhi answered such an extra while saying about his excess weight. But now, after losing weight, he is one of Bollywood’s fashion and style diva. The picture that Sonakshi has posted on her Instagram account a few days ago is remarkable. ...

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Choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s Weight Loss Story

rupcare_ganesh weight loss

  Theone person who comes in our minds when we think about Bollywood dancing is Govinda! The person behind Govinda’s flawless choreographies is the famous choreographer, Ganesh Acharya. From ‘Chikni Chameli’, ‘Malhari’ to ‘Dabangg’, you name a song and a signature step will pop in your mind; Ganesh Acharya has given us all this. 21 year-old Ganesh started his journey ...

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4 thigh fat reducing exercises…


  Regular Exercise Keeps Your Body Tone and Fat Free Along with your sweat, you can get rid of the toxins that are present in the body and attach the body to the body for a long time. Exercise and diet is not difficult to find healthy and beautiful bodies in the conference! Nowadays, the tendency of sitting in our ...

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Banana for belly fat reduction

rupcare_banana for belly fat reduction

  Many people think that eating bananas increases weight. But experts say, bananas in various ways help reduce weight. There are plenty of potassium in fruit or fruits that are available throughout the year. The banana body can prevent swelling and swelling. So, those who want to reduce belly fat can put bananas in the diet. There are all types ...

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Get rid of double chin with some exercise


    When the fat begins to accumulate in the body, the cheeks begin to accumulate fats in the mouth along with the mouth, which can be seen as double china. Again, without the excess weight of many, the mouth and throat place is heavy and swollen. This double chain looks spoil the looks. Both men and women are facing ...

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Japanese secret of attractive figure and long life

rupcare_japanese secret

  Comparatively, the Japanese are long-term. Not only that, Japanese skin is more beautiful and tender than people of other countries. Even the fat in the body is not found anywhere! Their lifestyle is behind their good health. Japaneseers follow some rules that help them get beautiful skin and interesting figure. 1. Get Green Tea Green tea contains plenty of ...

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Sehri diet to promote weight loss in Ramadan


  Fasting all day, have fasted every day, even though weight is rising? There is a huge problem for many people who grow fast in Ramadan. Why does not the weight increase or why? The fasting of the state is eaten during the Iftar grill of the state. Many people know to avoid dinner But what is the profit? To ...

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How to have fatless belly

rupcare_reduce belly fat

  Many people suffer from uncomfortable stomach fat. Extra fat and fat food, reducing physical work, sitting in the same place for long periods of time, due to various reasons for fat stomach fat. Regular exercise and moderate diet can reduce fat stomach. How to do exercise, said Kamamat gym girls’ trainer Shamima Akhtar Puli Exercise-1 How to do ♦ ...

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How long we have to walk for weight loss

rupcare_walking for weight loss

  Many are worried about their health. Health is going out day by day Do not really understand exactly how long your body will lose your health. Similarly, the doctors admitted in a statement that there is no alternative to stay healthy. The role of walking is very important for controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar levels, and weight loss. ...

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Cucumber diet to lose weight upto 7 kgs

rupcare_cucumber diet

  As the cucumber helps digestion, the intestines and gastric cleanses. Dietitians say that eating regular cucumber to keep the body cool in summer. Due to regular cough, there is a decrease in skin problems. However, the biggest benefit of the rabbit is to know the help of weight loss. Due to the help of metabolism, cough reduces fat by ...

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Reduce belly fat in just 2 minutes

rupcare_belly fat

  Many people are fed up with fat in their stomach or face. Difficult exercises or dieting can not be possible for many. Many people lose their weight due to the frustration of fat deposits or chest problems in the stomach. But not much, reduce your fat with a little trouble. Finding a very easy process for reducing belly fat ...

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Reduce 10 kg weight with just one formula

rupcare_10 kg wight loss

  Many people think of fat body. How to lose weight. Many did not work using a lot. The weight continues to grow. And it seems the anxiety Now it is time to realize that the end of some of that thought is going to end. So know how you can just drop a 10-kg weight by using a medication. ...

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