Actress banned for being extra attractive!

rupcare_actress banned for extra attractive

  It is natural to be headache bad many head! Cambodian actress Danny Quan has to be banned from appearing in the movie industry, where the world-famous heroes are searching for an affable heroine. The 24-year-old actress has been banned for 1 year by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. This step has been taken to maintain a healthy environment in ...

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Bahubali-2 breaks the record of Dangal


  Finally, the much-awaited movie ‘Bahubali 2′ was released. But, before that the new record holds the armor. Bahubali records record sales for just 24 hours Earlier this record was Dangle. The news published in Indian media has revealed that nearly 10 lakh tickets have been sold in 24 hours before the release of the film! But after the release ...

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How Humayun Ahmed proposed Shaon

rupcare_how humayun proposed shaon

  There are many discussions about the wedding of noted fictionist Humayun Ahmed and actress-songwriter Meher Afroz Shaon. You know, Shayon was promoted Humayun Ahmed? Shawon said some part of this personal issue. Shaon said on Wednesday that he said, “Those who crafted the cave, wanted someone to keep the lamp in the dark. So that painter can do his ...

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Urbashi is in Dhaliwood now…

rupcare_urbashi & emon

  Miss India, Miss Diva Universe, Miss Tin India, Miss Asian Super Model – all the famous beauty wrestling champions Urshi Rautala It was only a matter of time to make her place in Bollywood. Before that [three years ago] he has joined Bangladesh’s first science-fiction film ‘Parabastani’. Swapn Ahmed’s item number in the movie “Chalo Baai”, Urvashi performed in ...

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I was never a friend of Humayun’s daughter: Shaon

rupcare_Humayun Ahmed Shaon

  “For a long time, a rumor has been spread consciously to make our people shorter. This picture is sorted in the same way. It has been shown that a girlfriend of Humayun Ahmed’s daughter came to their house. From there to love or to love What a lie it is “Shawon, wife of late novelist Humayun Ahmed, recently spoke ...

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Shakib Khan banned by directors’ association!

rupcare_shakib khan banned

  The film director Samak has temporarily banned Shakib Khan. The committee decided to comment on the film director, producer and artists who have been deprived of this hero’s interview on 16 April, in a national daily. On Monday, an emergency meeting of the association was held in the FDC’s office at the director of the film director’s office. In ...

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Some people trying to create situation like Salman Shah with me

rupcare_shakib khan

  In an interview published in a daily newspaper on April 16, Bangladesh film actor Shakib Khan said, “Since there are no more movies now, the number of unemployed people is also much higher. See the list of director general, many directors. They are chatting with FDC. But how many people are working? In the case of producers, the same ...

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Can you recognize this Actor?

rupcare_barun child

  See whether this child of the picture can recognize the boy? The above image is an advertisement. Today Varun Dhawan turned 30 years old. And on this occasion, her childhood image has become viral in social media. Many do not know that this actor played in the adolescent health drink advertisement in his childhood. In the short filmmaker David ...

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Shiddharth left Alia for Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana

rupcare_suhana & siddharth

  Shahrukh Khan, who is interested in keeping the foot in the future, is also the daughter Suhana. Since then, the whole of Bollywood is looking forward to the big screen. Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana’s Bollywood journey to Bollywood is not as interesting as it is about King Khan’s son Ariyan. In the meantime, on Thursday night, in front of the ...

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Shabnur is physically sick


  Shabnur is one of the most popular heroine of the Dhaka movie, currently in Australia. He has been suffering from thyroid and back pain problems for a long time. Now he is healthy and he is being treated in Australia. His mother Amena Begum and uncle Shahjahan Chowdhury confirmed the matter. Amina Begum said, ‘Shabnur suffers from thyroid problems ...

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Soha Ali Khan Pregnant!

rupcare_soha ali khan pregnant

  Timur is going to get a sports coach soon! Who does not know Timur? Saying Tumur Ali Khan, the eldest and smallest member of Pataudi Nawab family The new member will be coming to this family to be his sports partner. Do not think Kareena Kapoor is going to be a mother again. According to the Times of India ...

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Some unknown facts of actor Shakib Khan

rupcare_shakib khan

  Shakib Khan was born in Dhaka, Narayanganj district. His father was a government office worker and his mother a homemaker. Shakib Khan claimed that although his father was a government official. Other members of the family of one of the sisters and one brother. His real name Masud Rana. King Khan of Khans of Bollywood film evidence, he claimed ...

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Priyanka loves voice of Azan: Replied to Sonu

rupcare_priyanka loves azan voice

  Non-Muslims. At the sound of the call to prayer every day, why break up? Sonu Nigam challenged. The statement stressed that the debate has been gathered around him. Priyanka Chopra in front of one of the video, netizens replied sonuke enei. Sonu anger, however, was not against the call to prayer. Loudspeakers were playing against the name of religion. ...

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Sabila Nur protested against her fake scandal

rupcare_sabila nur

  A few days ago, a nude video became viral on social media. The 13-minute video, a woman can be seen offensive. The name of this woman’s name is pronounced sabila light. Some video sabilara; Some say it looks like sabilara; Some even said that the video may be the young Mexican teenage porn star. But that does not say ...

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Shakib and Apu’s 9th Marriage Anniversary Today

rupcare_shakib apu and son

  Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas today biyebarsiki ninth. 2008 were married on April 18. This is due to the many readers of various interest biyebarsiki. For a long time nothing was known about their marriage. Apu Biswas recent incident, he Shakeeb wife. They have been married for 9 years ago. And Abraham Khan to win their children. After some ...

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