Barsha proposed a film for Apu

rupcare_apu barsha

  Aparu Biswas proposed to act in his film Barsha. Her husband said to work in the production of actor-producer Ananta Jalil. In an iftar party, Apu received this proposal from the rainy season. He said, “Barsha himself is a popular actress. However, I requested to act in their picture. It’s a big idea of ​​mind. I will try to ...

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Shokh-Niloy divorce! Is it true?

rupcare_shokh niloy divorce

Source: BD24LIVE[DOT]COM   For a long time, Kanagheed is going on. Two are tied and one thread. The rumor of divorce is heard. Months have been reduced to a few days of residence under one roof. They are the busy two stars of the country showbiz Niloy and hobbies. On January 7 last year, the marriage was tied in with ...

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Suhana’s dress’s price


  Age 17 He is still not seen to be a character on screen. But the young man, who was ready to wake up in the heart of the film, explained that Shahrukh daughter Suhana Khan Recently inaugurated a restaurant designed by Mother Interior, she has been seen with her father. Strong Suhana in orange attire was already unique among ...

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Ananta-Barsha and Apu together in Iftar party

rupcare_ananta barsha apu

  On Saturday evening, Bangabdi’s Iftar party was present at a restaurant in Banani, capital Dhaka, while the film’s actress Apu Biswas, star couple Ananta Jalil and Barsha were present. In addition to the movie world, the relationship between their personal friendships and how sweet it looks, in this iftar party. Along with Iftar, they inquired about themselves. The voice ...

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Shakib-Apu’s new movie song becomes hit on YouTube

rupcare_shakib apu

  The country’s popular pair of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas’s new picture ‘Politics’ will be released on this Eid. The film is directed by Bulbul Biswas. In the meantime, the viewer’s interest was created by the photo teaser. Yesterday was released on YouTube as a song titled ‘Akash Dey Daya Raya Prem Mare Mann’. The song was seen more ...

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Actresses who became stars at their school life…

rupcare_school heroine

  All the faces which have been enlightened in the film industry of Bangladesh, have been illuminated – their meteorite began when they were in school. Rupali sculptures spread on the screen while reading at the school. This organized with such enlightened and talented actresses. Shabana In 1967, he appeared in the movie ‘Chakoshi’ opposite the filmmaker Nadeem. Ratna is ...

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I have learn Salat & Saom of my own by reading books

rupcae_apu as muslim

  Apu Biswas came to Live on Wednesday for the promotion of the film with the upcoming Director of Politics Picture N. S. Bulbul Biswas. Both the director and actress talked about various issues related to the politics of live politics. Apu Biswas said, my son is my family, you also my family Because you love my son, you love ...

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Shumaiya Shimu is going to be a mother in this Eid!

rupcare_shumaiya shimu

  Popular TV actress Sumaiyya Shimu has been quite worried. Which is driving him on the horror of the earth. However, this anxiety is not about himself but with his unborn child. Shimu and Dinar’s eight-year-old family They have been without childhood for so many years. Sumaiyya Shimura came to know the good news after the long wait. Shimura family ...

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Shahrukh made on screen romance with Bahubali’s mother

rupcare_rama krishna

  The box office runs a storm like ‘Bahubali’ directed by Rajamouli. The first film has more business than ‘Bahubali 2′. In the south actors and actresses acted. But you know, ‘Bahubali’s mother Shabgamir Shahrukh Khan romances on screen! Shahrukh Khan, who was romantically appearing on screen with his mother, Shabgami, with Bahubali. Photo: Collected 1996 film ‘Chahat’. In contrast ...

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Model Moon: Who was using expensive porsche car

rupcare_model moon

  Model Zakia Moon Although he was a professional doctor, he kept himself busy with the media. Normally his appearance as a model of different clothes could be seen. Known face on the ramp also And the circle of circus increases in the circle of contact. Zakia Moon, the model of the former Miss Egypt, was introduced by introducing the ...

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What happened to Joya after eating wild fruit in childhood!


  Children love to eat chocolate, they have extra interest in sweet foods. But Jaya Ahsan, one of the two actresses of Bangla did not do it. His childhood meal list was quite different. In short, he liked fruits more than cakes and chocolate. In his words, eating fruit was like a drug addict to him. The interesting thing is ...

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Raj-Subhashree breakups mutually

rupcare_raj subhashree

  Marriage between Raj Chakraborty and Subhashree is not going anymore. The relationship is going broke. Raj himself admitted that. It means that the news of the media that was published in the media of India a few days ago is not entirely true, but it is true that it is true. Raj himself said in an interview in a ...

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Where is Shakib and Bubli now?

rupcare_shakib bubli

  Shakib Khan and Shabnam Bubli, the two most discussed duets of Dhaliud are currently busy. The highlighted pair of Dhalidas, who went for Italy on Wednesday night, The name ‘Rangabaj’, which is on the list of Eid-ul-Fitr’s liberation prospective movie, has already created a lot of interest in Sinnapara. Since the beginning of the film scene, there has been ...

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Bollywood stars education level

rupcare_bollywood stars education

  Salman Khan: Salman Khan was admitted to the college after studying at the school of Bandra. But, leave college to build a career in Bollywood. However, he was very talented from the small. The picture is good. Immediately write scripts. Before entering the acting world, he wrote three three scripts of the picture. Kareena Kapoor: Mithibai College, Mumbai, studying ...

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Raudha Aathif’s father got married in Rajshahi!


  On Thursday afternoon, in the Rajshahi court, the marriage of the Maldives was recently matched by the notary public and Mohammad Atif, the father of Ruhda Atif, a student of Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi. Her lawyer Nurunnahar Labli Ratna said that the name of the bride is Kakalatta (30). He is the daughter of Badiuzzaman of Naohata ...

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