Legendary Hero Razzak is no more

rupcare_razzak is no more

  Nayak Raj Razzak died (Ennihilha … rajuen) Director of the film director Mantazur Rahman Akbar Razzak’s family confirmed this information. His body was kept in the United Hospital. He said, while being admitted, he left breathing at 6:00 pm at United Hospital on Monday evening. Razzak’s younger son, Emperor, has called me. We are going to United Hospital. Legendary ...

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Shakil Khan replied regarding relationship with Popy

rupcare_popy shakil khan

  For a few days, a discussion about Poppy and Shakil Khan is being heard in Nidguni. One of the most popular Bengali film actors, Shakil Khan, came face to face with Facebook. Shakil Khan said, “I have been forced to come to you because of some propaganda for the last few days. The words are completely baseless and false. ...

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Actress Bubli reduces 13 kg in just few months!

rupcare_bubli weight loss

  Shabnam Bubli, in a short time, took strong position in Dhaka. From the beginning, it is in the middle of the discussion of acting and film world. As needed. Beginning in 2016 Start from that How much has been seen in this short time Still aimed at your goal. He is very conscious about acting and personal life-everybody. By ...

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Nusrat Faria rejects film with Emraan Hashmi!

rupcare_nusrat faria bollywood

  Nusrat Faria, the first actress in Bangladesh, was very prominent about Bollywood debut. The name of the movie ‘Gawah-The Night’s’ Hero Imran Hashmi After long, Nusrat Faria said that he is not doing the film, because he does not want to be criticized in connection with Imran Hashmi. There was a lot of buzz about the Nusrat Faria’s work ...

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Actor Emon saved from a serious accident

rupcare_emon saved

  The filmmaker Emon flew to shoot in Shankarprapah of Bandarban. The incident took place around 11pm on Sunday. At this time, getting water in the water of the water of the water of the water, get severe pain in the legs. Many parts of the body can also be tired. After watching the situation, the people of the shooting ...

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At last Salman Shah’s wife speaks about viral photo

rupcare_salman shah with wife

  A picture of actor Dola with Khaleeud’s protagonist Salman Shah’s wife Samira recently became viral. One of the accused in the film’s Salman murder case is seen in a very intimate relationship with Don, a woman can see. Manjushree Biswas, a ‘divorce’, is reported to have written a report several years ago in the episode ‘Criminal Chakra’ – titled ...

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Bollywood little boy is now beautiful teen girl!

rupcare_bollywood little boy now teen girl

  Everyone knows the boy as well as on the screen. But she’s actually the girl. Even when he grew up, his character’s fondness of childhood. Ahasas Channa In the smallest time in Bollywood. Everyone knows him as a son. Because, in the role of one son after another, the spectator has repeatedly won today’s eightth century. Remember the 2006 ...

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Who wrote Salman Shah’s suicide note?

rupcare_salman shah suicide note

  The mystery of Salman Shah’s death has been discussed in a new way. Rabeya Sultana Ruby, 7, accused of killing the United States expatriate and Salman Shah in the murder case, claimed that Salman Shah was not killed on Monday. As a result, the new twist of the mystery of death begins. Salman Shah’s body was found in the ...

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I married Salman’s wife for responsibility, nothing else: Mostak

rupcare_salman's wife

  It was reported from the family that Salman Shah’s former wife Samira Swami Mostak is living in Thailand. But in reality this information is not true. The truth is; Mostak Wise is in the country with wife. On Tuesday, some media reporters had met and talked with Mustak in Dhaka’s Gulshan area. It may be said that Samir’s husband ...

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Ananta-Barsha is going to have 2nd baby

rupcare_ananta barsha 2nd baby

  Acting as the heroine of Ananta Jalil, the screenplay Barsha And from the acting to the real life, the stopping of two people has been created. New Guests Coming Into Ananta-Monsoon Family And the arrival of this new guest brings happiness to the whole of the air. The news about Khalidade star couple Ananta Jalil and Afiya Nusrat rainy ...

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Actress Srabanti call her son as brother!

rupcare_actress srabanti with son

  Shabanti, the popular actress of Calcutta, was married to Rajiv Biswas in 2003. With husband Rajiv Biswas, after being divorced, the only child, Abhimanyu Chatterjee, is with Shwanti. Because of the only son, Shabanti often gets the title of news. Recently, a picture of Shravanti with the son Zimuk was viral. There is also a widespread criticism about the ...

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Moushumi-Sani spent 22 years of maried life happily

rupcare_moushumi sani anniversary

  Omar Sani and Moushumi’s wedding anniversary on August 2. 22 years ago they were married on this day of 1995, they were married. This star couple has a son and a daughter. The couple is very happy with their son Faradan and daughter Faiza. On their wedding anniversary, Omar Sani Social Media wrote on Facebook, Today is our wedding ...

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Dilara Zaman on magazine cover photo at age 75!

rupcare_dilara zaman

  Separately, the National Film Award winning actress Dilara Zaman has appeared on the cover of Magazine. There is a lot of discussion going on in the August issue of Lifestyle Magazine ‘Ice Today’. She has been standing in front of the camera in the fashion house Wara Long Kamij, Farzana Shakil’s Mekap, Kundan’s Big Hands, with open hair and ...

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Saif-Kareena’s son Taimur happy in Switzerland

rupcare_saif kareena taimur

  Nabam Taimur, who came to New Delhi for the first time, went abroad. Khanna Family is now enjoying holiday in Switzerland like Kareena-Saif. It’s been heard for 15 days that they will be there. Once a year to go abroad, the tradition of going abroad is very old in the Nawab family. This is not his absence at this ...

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Purnima will take lectures in Green University

rupcare_purnima teacher

  Now the teacher is the screenplay Purnima. Movies or screen stories are not. In reality, he taught Dilara Hanif Purnima students at the university. You have made a lot of irregularities on the big screen. There is no shortage or stability. But now he is going to be a teacher as students of the Green University’s Basic Course. Purnima ...

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