Dipeeka wants to become mother of Vin Diesel’s child!

rupcare_dipeeka & diesel

  ‘XXx: Return of Xander Cage’- Vin Diesel in chemistry with Deepika padukonera received the praise. Macho Vin Diesel anaskrina chemistry with Dimple Bollywood Queen B has already set cymbals Town. Kanaghumso less is not going to be heard. I poured a little fuel to the fire of the rumors Bollywood’s tall and beautiful. Deepika wants to be a mother ...

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Salman Khan affected by AIDS, that’s why he is still single!


  I had heard much about Salman Khan ratanai! He is a Bachelor of Bollywood’s most elijibala. Middle age. But there is no trace of marriage. Shortly after moving to love one after another, and it’s going to break. Meanwhile, serious allegations against the sultan was Bollywood. If someone has a complaint about Salman Khan in living memory. ‘Big Boss ...

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Did Lindsay Lohan convert to Islam?


  Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan talks again. Yes, any negative news, however, is not the good news for the world bhaktasrotadera. The negotiations with him because of the global media rateche that he has accepted Islam. However, because this has been explained, in his official Twitter and Instagram’s photo instead bayographite Lohan wrote in English, “Salaam Alaikum, or Alaikum salam ...

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Subhasri will marry Raj on next April!

rupcare_raj shuvosri

  Raj has recently split with Mimi cakrartira. Then again, he was in love. Raj Das relationships with the heroine. But it is not the news media. Influential Indian Bengali news media. Turkey was a gangster film mm. Or there is his relationship with another man. Then came the news of the king-mm brake up. This time, Huff was shooting ...

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Atif Aslam saves a girl from harassment


  A crowd of spectators on the sidelines of the show to continue harassing a woman who was angry at the music stopped, the boys jump Atif Aslam said. Saved her from harassment. On Saturday, the Pakistani port city of the singing show. “Look me in the hit musical artists paheli Atif Aslam sang one song after another. Suddenly the ...

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Karina Karishma want’s Sonam to be bride of Ranbir

rupcare_karina & sonam

  Both come on the screen, ‘Saawariya’ with. Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor, or make love. After the separation, each took out a new partner. But the cousin sister Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor wants to make sonamai their brother housewife. Sonam and Kareena came in with coffee and corn. Sonamake there is the question, Kapoor whether he would date ...

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Virat Anushka buying new house

rupcare_virat anushka

  A few days ago, opened his mouth for the first time with his wife and three Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli formats. Anusakakeo said he did not get married in secret. Not informing them. This time, they went a step further towards the end of the life of a bachelor. Once the rumors of break-up was in the middle ...

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Actor-Actress all together in Rozina’s home


  Rosina big screen blockbuster film from the eighties has been a long time away. Although away from the screen with the movie stars of all generations love relationship with her. Rozina’s get-together party, and he was found guilty. The presence of stars of all generations was remarkable. Rosina his home recently organized a get-tugedarera. The film was invited to ...

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Nusrat Faria is staying for 7 days in Shakib’s house

rupcare_shakib & faria

  Shakib Khan, Nusrat Faria is home to 7 days. There is, however, shocked himself at his home. Ephadisite he is “proud” photo shooting. We have free shipping. The star has been busy ephadisite returned from Kolkata. Meanwhile, Shakib Khan Pubail shooting home ‘Paradise’ from morning to midnight Nusrat Faria lives. Not only phariyai more lives Arifin subhasaha Jazz Multimedia ...

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Saif’s daughter in love with Shahid’s brother


  Actor Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan. However, Zoya Akhtar, Karan Malhotra directed lane boy or a film opposite Hrithik in Bollywood abhisaka Sarah is going to happen. But Love’s debut film debut, as well as news is available. The new buzz, Shahid Kapoor, Saif has been in love with the daughter of his brother Ishan kattarera. That ...

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I didn’t share my bed with co-actor, so he cut me from the film


  Southern actress worship the complaint. He said, Tollywood he was a victim of the casting couch. He blamed the southern side of the film jagaterai a famous actor. He then, in front of his name, however, anenani worship. Telugu has a cult website in an interview, offer a great actor, he is lying in bed. The whole thing was ...

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Priyanka-Dipeeka’s glamour on golden globe award show


  There was no shortage of glamor for flash bulbs. Many stars of Hollywood heavyweight. But the Indians added for the 74th Golden Globe red carpet. Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone for two. Those who came and conquered the hearts sprinkled splendor. Both were wearing clothing designer Lauren bayalapha. But Priyanka, who prefer a golden tint. Dark maroon ...

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What Vin Diesel Says on Dipeeka’s Birthday


  I have met with. I’m blessed. Deepika said eksaeksaeksa: Return of the co-actor Vin Diesel keja gender. The 49-year-old men in Mexico was preaching the other film. Incidentally, Deepika’s birthday was the same day. He turns 31. Instagram Wien says Deepika birthday, birthday greetings truly amazing woman. So talented, stunning, royal. I was blessed with your identity. True friend. ...

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Some unknown things of Om Puri


  Om Prakesh Puri OBE (18 October 1950 – 6 January 2017) was an Indian actor who appeared in mainstream commercial Indian, British, American and Pakistani films, as well as independent films and art films. He is best-known for his author-backed roles in films like Aakrosh (1980), Arohan (1982) and television films like Sadgati (1981) and Tamas (1987) and also ...

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Shokh-Niloy Marriage Anniversary at Saudi Arabia


  Popular actor ventricle parlor Alamgir Kabir and Anika was the first anniversary on December 7. Saudi Arabia, they are celebrating the first anniversary. They were there to perform Hajj Umrah December 31. Ventricle with their mother and father are doing hajj. Meanwhile, on the occasion of the first anniversary of social media via Facebook nilayake greeted hobby. Hobby writes, ...

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