Can you remember this Bollywood actress! Where is she now?


  2005 ‘Lucky’ Bollywood debut with the film. He has acted in several films. But you can not win the hearts of the audience. Her subsequent films at the box office upon their faces. Bollywood has also acted in several Tamil and Telugu films. ‘Lucky: No Time for Love’ hits, but was unable to create a place to happen in ...

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Some unknown facts of comedy actor Dildar


  Bengali film amyatama large-hearted comedy. He was known as a comedian. Bengali film nothing but a joke given the name of the large-hearted man. 003 died on July 13, an immensely popular man. In the same year received the National Film Award for best actor. Let us know about him is 6 pieces of information: 1. Diladarera born January ...

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The Director responsible for Shakib-Apu problem

rupcare_shakib apu

  Apu Biswas to rile the film actor Shakib Khan publicly gave his wife’s honor. Abrar Khan won with a six-month old son, paternal identity public. The pair went public during the whole day together. But I can not bear to have them together, Shamim Ahmed, a film director named Ronnie. April 14, gangster, a shooting was scheduled to begin. ...

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Karishma Kapoor is on 2nd marriage

rupcare_karishma kapoor

  The ex-husband married a few days. His wedding buzz has already begun. Bollywood patalei ear heard, again, going to get married or Karisma Kapoor. The vessels also a businessman. Sandeep tosiyani name. Mumbai’s business community is quite well-known in recent boyfriend Karisma. To be heard, this year is going to recover or Karisma marriage. Sandeep’re just waiting for dissolution ...

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Actor Shakib Khan is suddenly sick

rupcare_shakib khan

  APU nine-year-old actress married and having children with faith, discuss the news hidden in the “sick” movie star Shakib Khan was admitted to hospital. Ronnie told Wednesday’s close of Shamim Ahmed, was admitted to hospital on Thursday at 1 pm at the Dhanmondi shocked. Ronnie said, “We had some problems with his stomach already. Singapore had to go twice ...

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Mahiya Mahi wants a cute baby like Shakib-Apu’s son


  Shakib-APU on Monday turbulent philmapara, social media, television, radio and newspapers. Top of the Country has become soundly Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas and their cuddly offspring of Abraham Khan win. The discussion is not low. Meanwhile, he expressed the desire of his own at the top heroine Mahi mahiya. Facebook told to mind his own. Abraham’s children Shakib Khan, ...

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Bubli’s facebook status on Shakib-Apu marriage

rupcare_shakib bubli

  Shakib-APU on the name of her own involvement in the context of today’s thing shares bubali status on Facebook. For readers exact status highlights: “What about emotional or professional? Which? Hmm What I say is better (if the time is because they are now busy) I know many of you are now thinking about a lot of things. Sometimes ...

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Apu’s fb status after getting Shakib’s recognition

rupcare_apu biswas

  Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas regained his soul beloved husband. Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas and his wife had confessed. Shakib took his wife and his wife’s honor. Apu Biswas has the status on his Facebook page. Status, he wrote, “Many of the things I wanted to take eloquent. I asked them, and they gave me at least seven days. Was ...

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Finally actress Apu got recognition from her husband actor Shakib

rupcare_shakib apu son relation

&nbsp Finally, the mask opened speculation. Apu got her husband’s identity. That’s APU-shocked fans were expecting. Shakib ganamadhyamake cell phones on Tuesday said the actress APU my wife and my son Abraham. Apuke misleading anyone tried to plot against me. Now our relationship is normal. Yesterday I talked to a lot of anger in the media. ‘Actor Shakib Khan told ...

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Shakib with his son Abraham viral on social media

rupcare_shakib with son

  Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas social midiyajure now just discussed. The issue is a little more involved in the discussion and criticism. On Monday evening social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is a photo spread. Shakib Khan Joy Abraham’s bosom is seen in the film. However, Apu Biswas mobile phone has spread beyond the image. However, you do not know ...

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I will take responsibility of my son not Apu: Shakib

rupcare_shakib apu and son

  Film actor Shakib Khan Apu Biswas agreed to marry. Khan, the son of Abraham, also confessed to win. The private TV channels directly at Apu Biswas married and the child’s speech on the occasion, he was upset. Apu Biswas held the hand of his relationship with Shakeeb reported, he was busy sariracarcaya shocked a city hotel. From there, he ...

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I am Shakib’s real wife, we have a son

rupcare_shakib apu son

  Shakeeb actor went up to her friendship with the film Apu Biswas said. They have a son. A private television channel on Monday, he said. Apu Biswas said, 2008 were married on April 18. Shakeeb was married to this at home. The wedding was attended by close family members. APU Islam marriage is his name. Shakeeb they were, so ...

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Some exclusive rare childhood photos of Sunny Leone

rupcare_sunny leone childhood pics

  Former porn star Sunny Leone Bollywood now. So he is always in discussion. The curiosity of the fans is not the end. Sunny Leone recently found some pictures from childhood until the young woman. The film, along with her parents and other members of his family. Growing up in his father’s lap, her images are ranked from small to ...

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Poonam Pandey reveals the way to attract girls

rupcare_poonam pandey

  It is not easy for women to be subjugated purusamatrai it knows best. But the fun is, it’s not a hard and fast rule. This is a complex puzzle. So girls, if he gives tips on, but it is better than nothing. Poonam Pandey Bollywood discussed recently, he was done. Net of the world, garnered criticism for nanasamaya Poonam. ...

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How could Hrittik forget this beautiful model?

rupcare_hrittik with spanish model

  Increasing age right. But how his heart was so forgetful? With whom so much, Hrithik Roshan forgot him! No, not this time Kangana ranaoyata hrithik name involved with another beauty. Even the country. Angela krisalinjaki name. What is it? Recently, the media published an interview with the Spanish model. Hrtikake his friend and mentor he said. This became angry ...

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