Jaisuriya embarrassed with viral video

rupcare_jaisuriya viral

  Sri Lanka’s former captain Sanath Jayasuriya suddenly sneaked into a secret video leaked to the whole world of cricket. That’s a secret video with a former girlfriend. The former Sri Lankan skipper will be uncomfortable in front of the video. Currently he is one of Sri Lanka’s Cricket Selectors Committee members. An influential official from the Sri Lankan Cricket ...

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Please leave Salman for me: Katrina

rupcare_salman katrina

  Katrina’s love with Salman Khan is not unknown. But that’s a long time ago. Salman Luliya Vantoor and Katrina Ranbir Kapoor after being divorced about love Their relationship was not good at the end. Katrina has long lost to Ranbir. But the end of Lulia’s relationship with Salman is still not clear yet. Katrina has already talked about releasing ...

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Apu reveals Chemistry between Shakib & Bubli

rupcare_apu shakib bubli

  At a function in ATN Bangla, Apu Biswas said some open words about chemistry between her husband Shakib Khan and Bubbal. In the presentation of actor and presenter Shahriar Nazim, the concept of ‘Sense of Humor’ is already finished. Today it will be broadcast on Saturday night. But before that social media has become viral part of it. In ...

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Priyanka again in criticism with selfie


  Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has again made a debate in the new controversy. In Berlin, Narendra Modi posted a picture of a foot on the feet of a short dress beside Modi, a few days before the social media faced a severe criticism of a section. After that, in Berlin, another selfie picked up again and again. The controversial ...

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Sunny Leone survives from a serious accident

rupcare_sunny leone

  Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has returned from the face of a terrible plane accident. Her husband, Daniel Weber, and other members of the troop came back. Sunny himself published a video on social media and told the horrible situation. Sunny Leone, however, said that everyone is unhurt. Sunny Leone wrote on Twitter yesterday that thanks to God we all ...

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Who is responsible for Manisha Koirala divorce


as   Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has made Nepalese industrialist Emraan Dahal married in 2010 as her own choice. But their marital life lasted for only two years. Manisha’s Kamback picture will be released in front of her, ‘Dear Maya’. The protagonist opened his mouth to promote his film. According to him, his marriage was broken because he himself is ...

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Why Ena is a dishonest actress explains her director

rupcare_ena is dishonest

  Kusumitra Gappo, Bengali film of Calcutta is being made with the life of the female footballer. Kusumita was supposed to be played in the role of Sahara. But, he did not act. It was heard that, when he started shooting the film, he or she informed, he would not do the picture. In place of Kusumita, Ushasi Chakraborty was ...

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Shah Rukh Khan survives a fatal accident

rupcare_srk accident

  Shah Rukh Khan has been saved from bigger accidents. The set roof collapsed during the shooting. Two people were buried under the roof They were admitted to the hospital. Shah Rukh stood on one side of the set. He did not hurt. Shahrukh is shooting in the film of Anand L. Rai in Mumbai Film City. In the film, ...

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Akshay’s anti-rape theory

rupcare_akshay kumar

  Actor Akshay Kumar has given a fresh solution to the rape problem in India. He has left the action heroes for a long time. Now he is the Purportor versatile actress. Got recognition But it does not stop here, Bollywood khaldi does not agree. He is not only a movie but also his responsibility towards the society. Akshay thinks ...

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Salma saves Kapil Sharma Show

rupcare_kapil sharma

  Kapil Sharma survived for some time. The Kapil Sharma show was given a bit more time to cross TRP. Courtesy: None other than Bollywood’s brother-in-law Salman Khan Indeed, the sultan of Bollywood has helped Kapil in an indirect way. How? In fact, at the time of Kapil’s show, he was supposed to return to his old show ten times ...

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Porimoni praises Apu Bishwas

rupcare_parimoni and apu

  Apu confesses Parumoni This actress has filled her heart with a verse in Apu Biswas. Coming the Eid Apu Biswas-Shakib Khan’s Politics Picture is being released. This is the statement of Parimani centered around this picture. Apu, where he also completed the queen of the film. In the post of Social Media, Eli wrote, Apu Biswas, Queen of Bengali ...

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Once popular Bollywood actress left alone at hospital


  Once upon a time Bollywood actress Gita Kapoor walked out of this year’s actress Gita Kapoor. In the movie like ‘Pakija’, starring Raj Kumar starred in the role of wife. There are about 100 films in Bollywood. But today his address is a private hospital in Mumbai. There is no money for treatment, no returning shelter. And his son ...

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Priyanka reveals relationship with Shahrukh!

rupcare_srl priyanka

  Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra have played together in two films together. To begin acting, the two started with love thrill. But none of them accepted. Many years later, Priyanka admitted that she had a relationship with Shahrukh. ‘Beawatch’ actress appeared on a talk show on a television channel recently. There he was asked about his airport style. ...

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Notice issued to remove Nusrat Faria’s item song


  A lawyer who recently sent a legal notice to release ‘Allah Allah’ on the release of Youtube. In the next three days, the legal notice to the Supreme Court lawyer Azizul Bashar to remove the song from YouTube was sent to 7 people by lawyers Advocate Hosjatul Islam. The seven recipients of legal notice are Jazz Multimedia, Chairman of ...

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Anushka speaks about marriage rumor with Bahubali actor Prabhas


  Previously, Luv-Anushka was seen as a pair. However, ‘Bahubali: The Conquestion’ is an Amarendra Bahubali lecture and Debasena Anushka’s screen is still chemistry. The next picture of the posterity is more likely to work as Anushka as the ‘Saho’ heroine. But Anushka was annoyed with one of the rumors. In fact, Luv-Anushka is a great friend. But they have ...

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