Jeet-Faria item song got negative response in social media

rupcare_jit faria song

  Non-smugglers can also fire like stars through social media. YouTube works as a powerful platform for this. After leaving a video, there was a lot of likes or dislikes or comments were made to look at everyone. What is often seen is also important. It looks good if you like the view or increase. But if there is something ...

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Shruti Hasan want’s to be mother without marriage!

rupcare_shruti hasan

  Bollywood actress Shruti Hassan, daughter of famous actor Kamal Hassan, always likes to keep her personal life behind the media attention. Neighbors do not pay attention to anyone or any speculation. But now, the relationship between marriage, marriage and everything about motherhood, the actress Shruti Hassan opened her mouth. Without giving any explanation, he said, “There is no objection ...

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Did actor-actress do everything for money

rupcare_actor-actress and money

  For a variety of reasons, there is a strong belief that actors and actresses among the common people can do everything for money! From on-screen kissing to nude. But they also have the will-will-want. What they will do in front of the camera and what to do is a very personal matter. So, before signing in the picture, they ...

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Which film is Shakib Khan’s turning point

rupcare_shakib khan

  Pictures of PA Kajle shatter Shakib Khan’s career. That was the latest developer PA Kajal. In October of last year, PA Kajal told about the production of a production company in Kakrail. He said, ‘The turning image of Shakib Khan’s life is my husband’s husband. That film turned Shakib’s career bends. Shakib is today the superstar of Dhaka film. ...

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Actor-Model Nirob becomes father of a daughter

rupcare_nirob becomes father

  Dr. Abu Sayeed Shimul We know many things about Chikungunya. Children like adults, but this disease can be. So it is necessary to know about this disease. It can be a very young child and even children under 2 years old. On the other hand, if the mother is not susceptible to the infection of the child after the ...

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Secret of Bahubali that even Katappa didn’t told to his daughter

rupcare_bahubali secret

  The Bahubali movie is from its first episode, which is absolutely Sensation. Second part of the movie was created after the popularity of the first half. Prior to the Bahubali 2 release, the great expectations of this movie were created by the audience. In fact, in the first part of the movie, Bahtabali was killed in Katappara. But why ...

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Amrita always insulted me for my career: Saif

rupcare_saif amrita

  There is no recent hit in the careers. But Saif Ali Khan is very happy now in his personal life. All the credits Begum Kareena and son Taimur He has been a little stable in his life so long. But in the midst of it came his explosive confession. That’s the reason. For whom the separation between Amrita Singh ...

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Divorces of BD actor actress

rupcare_divorce of bd actor actress

  In most cases, star couples love the house. But for some unknown reason they went to the opposite position after getting married. Many fans want to know about their love and love, as well as the fans’ interest in the news of their fans. Today’s writing about the story of the separation of the stars of different generations of ...

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Actress Tanha revealed her marriage after selfie with Naim leaked

rupcare_actress tanha

  Recently, Nayeem Ashraf, accused of Banani rape, came to discuss the Selafi cell of all classes of the country. Many people are embarrassed in Ehakand. Nebagata filmmaker Tanah Bee missed Tanah, who was embarrassed with the ‘selfless’ selfie with Nayeem Ashraf, was tired. And that’s why ‘forced’ is to bring about married life to social media. Tanah wrote on ...

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Hrittik gifted a flat for Suzana

rupcare_hrittik suzana

  Haiti, Roshan and Suzanne have proved that there may be a relationship with the former wife or husband after the divorce. They were divorced in 2014. Then, when the relationship between the two became bitter, it gradually became a friendship. They could be seen from different walks of life at different parties. Suzanne was present at the birthday of ...

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Is Dev got married

rupcare_dev married

  Yes, there is a marriage. At least the picture proves that. But there is a small twist in the story. What is that? His first film in the production. And let’s set trends in the first film. Dev Chakraborty’s ‘Champ’ productions are made by Dev Deboy is the model Rakmini in this film. Dev’s real life girlfriend too. That ...

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Artificial egg is a rumor: Experts told

rupcare_artificial egg is fake

  Fake egg news has been released for several days in international media. It is known that fake eggs are being found in different places including Dhaka. However, the teachers of the Department of Poultry Science Department at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University have called on them to take an egg every day without giving them ears. Md. Anwarul Haque Beg The ...

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BD actor actress who is who’s relative

rupcare_bd actors who who's relative

  Curiosity to know about the favorite star exists among all the audience. These stars, apart from their career, have many relatives in their personal lives. And the extent of the audience’s enthusiasm over their relationship is a bit more. Let’s know how a star’s relative in real life. 1. Actor Razzak’s two sons actor Bapparaj and actor Emperor 2. ...

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Raj will marry Shubhasree soon

rupcare_raj shubhasree

  A few days ago, Shuvashri had already said many things about Joy and Chemistry of Raj’s love to Joy Plus. In a short time everything was inverted! Different news came on Wednesday The breakup of the news. It is said that Raj-Shuvashri has been separated. And Raj Mimi is back with him. Raj denied the matter completely and said, ...

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Aishwarya again surprises in cannes film festival

rupcare_aishwarya at caanes

  Once again, actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made an eye on the Cannes Film Festival A lot of people came and saw the light of thousands of cameras in the ears of red carpet as soon as he woke up, The ear could not overcome the hypocrisy of the blue blue gown designed by Michael Sinchora. He looked like a ...

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