Shabana cooked for country’s respectful directors

rupcare_shabana cooking

  Bangladeshi actress Shabana has cooked and cooked the cooks by her own hands. On Monday night, as part of the reception of artists and craftsmen of ‘O’ 11 people, the President of the Film Society’s Association Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar and Secretary General Badiul Alam Khokon went to the house of Shaokana. After cooking them, cook them with their own ...

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An exclusive interview of singer Habib’s wife

rupcare_habib with ex-wife

  On October 12, 2011, Habib Wahid married a daughter of Chittagong Rehana Chowdhury, married her family. After five years of married life, on December 24, 2012, the only child Alim was illuminated their house. But on January 19 this year they got formally divorced. But before that in 2003, Habib married a girl named Lubyana. After a few years ...

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Singer Asif & Mitu’s love story of 25 years back

rupcare_asif mitu love story

  Mitu has been confronted with popular singer Asif Akbar 25 years ago. However, Mitu did not read the voice of Asif, the complainant Asif’s love. Asif plays great cricket. And so, as a girl fan, Asif was born for the romance. Asif-Mitra’s marriage was not pleasant at all. They faced various obstacles. Today, they are celebrating the marriage of ...

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Now Tisha replied regarding relation with Habib

rupcare_tisha replied regarding habib

  Model and actress Tanjin Tisha commented that there is nothing to say after Habib’s statement. On Sunday, Tisha agreed to share Habib’s Facebook status on Sunday. That is what Habib said is correct and believes that this model and actress. Tisha said, I did not want to talk about the issue that has been happening for some time and ...

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What is dancer Ria now doing in America

rupcare_how is dancer ria now

  As a model and dancer, people know more about him. However, he was seen on screen as the actress. Since 2003, Rhea has been living in America for its own carrier and popularity. She is now the mother of one child. Husband Evan Chowdhury and the children around him are now busy Designer Biplob Saha recently visited America. He ...

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Habib’s replies regarding relation with Tisha

rupcare_habib's reply about divorce

  Musician Habib Wahid and Tanzin Tisa married for a long time in the media. There was no evidence of that incident. Even Tanzin Tisha himself told Kaler Kantho, I actually picked up a class with me. Mention the event of marriage as mere motivated. But on Thursday night Habib’s former wife Rehan gave a status to Facebook. There he ...

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Habib’s ex-wife discloses the reason behind their divorce

rupcare_reasons of habib's divorce

  There has been a buzz in the media since long ago that there is a deep relationship between the voice of musician Habib Wahid and model actress Tanjin Tisha. Habib’s former wife Rehan poured ghee into the fire of the buzz Firstly, he wrote a status of Facebook on the name of Tanzin Tisha and Piya Bipasha, and wrote, ...

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What Priyanka’s mother told about her marriage

rupcare_priyanka with mother

  Priyanka Chopra is on the verge of success Priyanka Chopra has made her place in Hollywood and Bollywood too. From any award ceremony to the sea shore, the Rupali screen of Hollywood from the small screen to the TV serial – everywhere there is Priyanka. Do not you think about this wedding of your marriage? Responding to that, Priyanka’s ...

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How is Sabila Noor now…

rupcare_sabila noor

  A few months ago, young actress Sabina Noor, who took her to haunt himself, Various rumors have been heard because of his behind and communication separation. A few days ago, through the e-mail, a national daily from the US contacted Sabilla Noor. Talk about a few things. Where are you now? Now in the United States. My sister lives ...

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Akhi Alamgir replied to her critics boldly

rupcare_akhi alamgir

  Sometimes Akhi Alamgir has to be criticized for criticizing the critics. The singer opened her mouth even though she never talked about it. “When posting a concert picture on Facebook, they say ‘Futbani’, and if they do not post ‘Hey, he’s no longer in the show’. Good lyrics’ Machine and Mix’s achievements’ and bad songs’ why people listen to ...

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Aamir Khan’s new son

rupcare_new son of aamir khan

  Earlier, Amir Khan’s name was mixed with different actresses. There was a loud noise from time to time. Aam Aadmi is heard, again or in love Amir has fallen in love Woman Kiran Rao is worried There is some disappointment in reading the husband’s love. And there was another controversy in front of this push that did not come ...

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Shakib’s reply to Nipun

rupcare_shakib's reply to nipun

  Recently, on the direct broadcast of a private TV channel, Shakib Khan talking about the educational qualifications of Bengali film actresses. After this statement, a long status given by the National Film Award-winning actress Nipun. There was a question of rearing contrasting Shakib’s education. He tried to remind Shakib many of his past. Shakib and Nipan acted together in ...

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Naila Naim is sad

rupcare_naila naim

  Discussed model Naila Nayeem is not getting the job of paying 8 thousand taka. And, sadly, he posted a post on social media Facebook. Naila Nayeem said, people die without eating in Bangladesh, but I can not get any work for home even after paying 8 thousand. Naila said that for some days, a job seeker has been looking ...

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Nipun’s fb status on Shakib Khan

rupcare_nipun's status on shakib

  Captain Nipun became angry with Shakib Khan for questioning the educational qualifications of filmmakers of Dhaka movies This actress has questioned the educational qualification of Uddin Shakib Khan by claiming himself highly educated. At the same time, Shakib’s various history has been highlighted by Nipuna, the first of his life Shakib’s story was brought. The mother of ’71 mother-of-the-art ...

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Fake photo of model Pia viral on FB

rupcare_fake pia on fb

  Modeling, drama or movie – Piya Bipasha, one of the actresses acting in all divisions. Although he can not take himself to the top of popularity, he is one of the prominent names in the showbiz area. It is also known to everyone less and more. Even though the word has come up, it’s a good idea to think. ...

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