Alia and Sidharth secret chemistry revealed!


  Alia and Siddharth Romance is not the end of the discussion. Now a new word had leaked Siddharth Malhotra. Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra had one foot in the world with the film. After discussing their romantic relationship lasted for a long time. Neither, however, never publicly said anything about their relationship. Alia has a recent chat show, just ...

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Karan Johar is dad to twins, via a surrogate

rupcare_karan johar

  Bollywood actor and producer Karan Johar has a chelesantana and a meyesantanera father. However, his wife did not have to be the father of the twins. Only sarogesi (own child in the womb of another haoyano) said. According to the Indian Express, the Public Health Department of Karan child’s birth registration. BMC executive health officer said. Padmaja kesakara said ...

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Sunny Leone at the age of 19

rupcare_sunny leone

  Sunny Leone, now a popular name in India. Indian music videos from movies, television screens from wall street, bus-tram-train from newspapers, advertisements Sunny Leone’s permanent place somewhere has it. However, life was not so easy starting caraiye! Sunny Leone has emerged in the first phase of the data in the figure repeatedly struggled with Rude. 3x film industry in ...

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Abhishek-Aishwarya fight? Abhi wants Aaradhya to act, Ash objects


  Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the relationship is not going well or not at all. Bollywood news sources are at least a little. The chaos surrounding the onset or aradhyake. In fact, the anointing you want, let aradhya acting. Started working as a child actor in Bollywood now wants to be the father of the girl. It ...

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Strange photo pose of Punam Panday in a program!

punam pandey

  Model Poonam Pandey for the operation of its modeling or acting as if the center of the discussion, it became known more for its bold and deyaradebhila behavior. A few days before Valentine’s Day, she was very warm and videos uploaded to the Internet and studied enough. At times, he was again at the center of discussion. Music Awards ...

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Popular Kolkata Actresses of Google Search


  Who are the most popular heroine in West Bengal at the moment? Friends may have differences among fans. But Mimi Chakraborty, Ganguly Das, sayantika Banerjee, Chatterjee and Nusrat Jahan’s name Shrabanti jhatakatei one moves. Which of these is the heroine of the most searched on the Google search, the search was to take the ‘Google Trends’ tools. This is ...

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Mahi Apu is on 2nd Honeymoon at Indonesia


  All the evidence on the sidelines of shooting the film went on our honeymoon dbitayabarera top stars like Mahi mahiya. The honeymoon took place in Bali dbipake. Mahi In this regard, the APU to me as a gift on Valentine’s Day this year has Hanimunata. ‘Paradise’ busy with the shooting of this year’s Valentine’s Day is not the way ...

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What Shahrukh Did With The Beggar

rupcare_shahrukh with begger

  Celebrities are forced to stay out of reach. Which means, if you do not have to avoid the ultra-poor, they dislike. Star, but the man to the ground. Like all those who have compassion for the public. Shah Rukh Khan showed that the finger. Bollywood director Anand L Rai on Saturday to talk about the new film, Shah Rukh ...

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Shabnur is back again with slim figure

rupcare_actress shabnur

  Evidence photo shooting actress sabanura return again next April. “Maya is so much love,” the film he was going to do. The film is directed by Saiful Rahman Manik. Sabanurera will be played with the pair tied Ferdous. Bipasha is also in the film Simon and Pia. The body fat sabanura director said the film took a break. Saiful ...

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Bengali Girl Rhea Viral On Instagram

rupcare_rhea chakrabarty

  Rhea Chakraborty. Telugu cinema started. Bollywood has legs 013. “What Maruti Mere Dad on his acting gathered enough praise. However, he was unable to cut the movie world as the mark. This year is going to release two more pictures of her. Instagram earlier this Bollywood actress switched her on fire. Rhea gave diverse bibhange caught on camera revealing ...

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Reality of Model Gitanjoli: Star to Street

rupcare_model gitanjoli

  Glamour means the world-fame, money, prestige, and is jaulusa. There is a dark side to the world. As a result of the negligent actions can transform the dark vortex of today phakire king tomorrow. It is the story of nagapalera satyakei proven model Gitanjali. Gitanjali Indian media reports on this issue came up twice. Gitanjali Delhi girl modeling in ...

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Shabnur back from Australia


  Shabnur long 11 months after the actress returned home from Australia. Saturday afternoon, returned to Dhaka from Sydney aijanake 3-year-old son. She is now with her mother’s house in Uttara said the media reports. Shabnur a local media said on Saturday night, but the mind remains in the country and abroad. I want to stay home with some long ...

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Abhishek posts picture of checking Aishwarya’s blood pressure in film set

rupcare_abhishek & aishwarya bp measuring

  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ill. While shooting, he fell sick. At the moment there is no lack of physicians being forced Abhishek Bachchan took the helm. Aishwarya began to measure the pressure applied to the ears stethhoscope. All of this has been. However, before today nabachara. , “Ravana” sets. Instagram photo of the old shares debut on Friday. Sources, “Aishwarya ...

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How much Bollywood Actors earn in one day

rupcare_bollywood actors earn in one day

  For an outsider, it may appear that a star or a singer earns his / her living by acting in films and recording songs for films. But one would be surprised at the amount of money that celebs rake in on account of their popularity. Sometimes, the money made from these ‘extracurricular’ activities far exceeds their earnings from their ...

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Farooqi-Irfan’s film ‘Doob’ didn’t get censor certificate


  Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi’s ‘dive’ (No Bed of Roses) Bangladesh Film Censor Board banned the film. US magazine Variety said in a report Friday. Why is a ban on the film Variety said Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Managing Director of BFDC, BFDC it does not matter. Is supervised by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board. Farooqi said that the issue of Variety, ...

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