New film “Shakib, I Love You”


  The new movie, ‘Shakib I Love You’, started near Dhaka Siam Tarique is managing the film. In the film, pairing starring hero Ashraf Kitu and newcomer Sara Simran Photo shooting started on Wednesday. The first stage shooting will end tomorrow. Saiman said, “We started shooting the photo from Wednesday. Shooting of the first stage of the film will end ...

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Sabbir speaks about his recent photo with a girl

rupcare_sabbir with cousin

  It is clear that the picture is not recent pictures. The picture taken two years ago will probably be The question is elsewhere! The question is: Who is the girl with national team cricketer Sabbir Rahman? Recently, three pictures of Sabbir were seen on Facebook. These three pictures of Sabbir are published from one page. In the film Sabbir ...

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I shouldn’t got married in too early age: Apu

rupcare_apu biswas

  Apu Biswas, popular filmmaker of Dhaka movie, said, Madhu Chandradhi does not come in the lives of all. He recently said this in a JAMA FAM interview. Apu said, Honeymoon does not come in the life of everyone. I’m one of them. At this time, he said Shakib could not yet be a cultural one. Awful busy And do ...

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Shahrukh Suhana just watched Tubelight

rupcare_sharukh suhana tubelight

  After giving a super hit movie on one hand, the ‘tubelessite’ is getting some dirty light. Even before the release, the excitement of excitement was rising as before. But in the box office, Sallu could not make a storm like that before the new movie. The film has a little disappointing fans and critics. That is why Sallu Bhai’s ...

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Monalisa spent Eid vacation in USA


  Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa is a Bangladeshi actress, model and dancer. Monalisa started her career by appearing in television commercials and stage dancing. She subsequently won Miss Photogenic 2000. She played in several television series and telefilms[2] and is a trained dancer. Career Monalisa started acting, stage dancing and modeling at age 10. Beginning as a dancer, Monalisa became popular ...

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This heroine didn’t marry for Ajay!

rupcare_tabu and ajay

  This famous Bollywood actress has been running for 45 years now. But still did not sit on the marriage pitch. But why he did not even marry? TABU claims that Bollywood actor Ajay Devas is not responsible for his marriage! According to a newsletter from Ebla in Kolkata, an Indian national daily quoted TABU as saying in a recent ...

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Shakib’s son Abram spent his first Eid in father’s residance

rupcare_shakib son abram

  At Shakib’s Gulshan home, the only child of Shakib-Apu couple’s son, Abram Khan, won the first Eid. Apu Biswas said that the grandfather, grandmother and grandfather wins a happy time. Apu Biswas also said that he spent his lovely time at his father-in-law’s house. Joy did not get father Shakib Khan at the first Eid. Because Shakib was Eid ...

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Salman becomes old!

rupcare_old salman

  As the age increases, the more handsome Bollywood actors Salman Khan Samlman Khan’s recently released ‘Tubblight’ was released. Salman’s fans at the box office, despite the crowd, could not take place in the critics’ favorite list. But not very worried about Salman. Rather, he will work with Kabir Khan, director of ‘Tubblight’. They also play another kind of role ...

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Conspiracy against Apu Biswas

rupcare_apu biswas

  She alleged that actress Apu was conspiring against her. His film ‘Politics’, released in the Eid, has been released in just 40 theaters. He did not even think in the dream. Earlier in the career, Apu acted as a means of getting hundreds of theaters. ‘My name is Khan’, ‘Hero of the superstar’, ‘Love Marriage’, ‘Rajababu’ – every movie ...

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How is Lagaan’s Elizabeth Russel now?

rupcare_elizabeth russel

  Aamir Khan’s famous film Luvan won the hearts of the visitors of the village Bhuban, who won the hearts of the English in the field of cricket. On the stage of the Oscars, the picture reached the boundaries of the Indian audience. In 2001′s famous movie Asutosh Gowariker’s’ Lagan’chabby, Aamir, Gracie Singh’s performance took the criticism of critics. And ...

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Mehjabin’s saree sold at 40 thousand taka


    Finally, the model and actress Mehzabin’s sari was sold at Tk 40,000. The price of this sari was 40 thousand rupees in the auction. Mehzabin Chowdhury picked up the favorite sari at auction. Sarees will spend money on selling street children’s Eid. Kawsar Mahmud Ani bought the highest price in the auction of sari The streets of the ...

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Eid in Shakib-Apu’s family


  Abram Khan win this year will be the first Eid. First of all, the parents and the parents have taken care of their families. One more thing – after the birth of Abram, this year the mother-father’s film ‘Politics’ is being released. After all, we can understand that the son of Abrahan, whose son – Shakib Khan and Apu ...

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Gangstar Tahsan!

rupcare_gangstar tahsan

  Popular musician Tahsan Khan’s new songs and videos will be released in Chandrata. The title of the song is ‘Unexpected’. In the words of Mehdi Hassan Limon and Nazir Mahmud, the song was composed by Shaker Reza. The popular model of this time, actress Ajmeri Asha, has been modeled with Tahsan on the music video. Actor Tawfiq Ahmed will ...

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BD Model Tulona arrested in ICT act

rupcare_model tulona

  Model and Presentation Comparison Al Harun and his younger brother Layek Ali have been arrested by the Banani police. They were arrested from Banani’s own house in a case filed under the Information Technology (ICT) law, a female model of a female model. Later, the court directed them to send them to jail. Banani police inspector (investigation) Abdul Matin ...

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Why Akshay married Twinkle instead of Shilpa?

rupcare_akshay shilpa

  Akshay Kumar When you hear the name, the picture of Khiladi or Rowdy Rathore’s picture? Rowdy Rathore, Rostom, Toilets: A love story, while starring in the film Airlift, when Akshay was walking in Bollywood, his one-time playboy image still did not leave the image. In the 90′s, after the release of Shilpa Shetty’s love with Akshay, after Rabina Tandan, ...

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