Hair Care

Potato peel reduces gray hair!

rupcare_potato peel reduce gray hair

  According to researchers, prematurely there is no specific cause for hair growth. However, the effects of genetics or genetics on our body can quickly get hair done. If there is a problem of pituitary hormones or thyroid hormones in the absence of Vitamin B-12, then hair is grown in younger age. Many people use hair color as a temporary ...

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Hair falling down? Solution is near hand!

rupcare_hair fall solution within hand

  Hair fall is now our national problem! And its solution is regular care. It is possible to solve the problem of hair removal with the complete natural and available ingredients. These are very easy to make, the ingredients are at our fingertips, even in the kitchen! Today, you are going to share some anti-hair masks that will reduce hair ...

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2 natural ways of quick hair growth

rupcare_hair growth quickly

  Due to the absence of dust, weather, sunlight and proper care, hair loss is severe. Hair follicles become permanently damaged. As a result, the decrease in hair growth decreases dramatically. And the rate of hair growth increases very much. For this reason hair becomes thin and absolutely lifeless. But the beauty of dense, black and long hair is all ...

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Foods that prevent hair fall

rupcare_foods that prevent hairfall

  Are you in the tension of hair fall? Have you been grumpy to count the number of hair fall? There is nothing to panic. Generally, people are losing hair after 15 years of age. Eat these five meals regularly, not the prevention of hair loss but medicines. This will increase the blood circulation on your head skin. And hair ...

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Perfect haircut according to face shape

rupcare_hair cut

  Many people are annoyed to bribe hair cut all the time. So some people want to cut some haircut that people of any age. However, many people do not know that actually we will accept a haircut or a haircut with our shape shapes. Let’s know, how to choose hair cut- Shawless shape Cut the straight banks into the ...

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How to control hair fall

rupcare_hair fall control

  The reason for the hair fall and the way of remedies, Aminah Haque, the stylist of novin’s. | Reason | ► The body temperature increases due to various stresses. The head is hot. The effect of which begins to fall hair. ► If you do not eat nutritious food at the right level, hair gets nourished, so the hair ...

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6 early signs of hair loss


  Almost all of them have hair cloths during hair washing or hair shaving. But does it mean that, in the next few months, you will be bald on your head? It’s not always right, but experts say that some forecasts of the baldness are obvious. Rohit Batra, senior dermatologist at Sir Gangaaram Hospital in Delhi, told an all-India news ...

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Hair cut according to hair type

rupcare_hair cut

  Depending on the person’s personality, how will the hair cut? Especially women are more aware of this. They have hair cut to enhance hairstyle in many ways. However, most girls are not satisfied with cutting their hair. Hairs cut with the look, but depending on the type of hair, girls will cut hair. The lifestyle website Femina has suggested ...

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For hair protection don’t do these while applying shampoo


  Somebody in the head a little more, a little less than one mind. However, the one everyone thought. How to defend the life of the hair. I’ve been out two or more times a week, aiming for the shampoo. How does it know? Unbeknownst to take care of the hair loss is not reversed it? Be careful to make ...

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Heatless Easy 3 Hairstyles in 60 seconds!

rupcare_3 quick hairstyle

  College or office, go to the Rose yourself in a way, so that everyone’s attention is on your side. Or take in the beautiful view from the parapharamyanesara be. In plain words, the crowds were too many of us have always been the focus of discussion. But Rose Rose for a new way to disguise a lack of time ...

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Hair damage by tying up mistakes


  Rupacarcabisayaka pathologically wet hair tied up in one report, due to strong resistance paniteila, including hair loss may be incorrect. Hair wet hair after washing the hair bound severe damage. Dandruff or itching on the scalp may occur. Also as a result of wet hair, locks of hair can weaken resistance. Hair is always bound: Do not open if ...

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3 Beutiful Hair Style in Just 2 Minutes


  Hair tied in a boring job to many people. Especially those whose hair is long or medium hair tied up, they read a lot of trouble. Many more longer time because you do not want to have long hair style. One minute you can be a great hair style, however, is how you say something? Office, college or university ...

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How to Straighten Your Hair, Naturally


  For years, a straightener has been a girl’s best friend as well as a worst enemy. Especially the kind we had years back, which were heavy to hold, too hot to handle or would leave behind a burning smell. Thanks to good technology, we have now moved on to better products, which are light and easy on the hair ...

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Two natural masks that promotes hair growth faster

rupcare_hair growth mask

  Beautiful, thick, long hair all desirable. But if you do not grow hair, full of beautiful hair do? Many complain, not long hair. There may be many reasons for this. For example, do not care to complement, not regularly cut ends, etc. saturated protein diet did not. Others said that, even if the hair is not growing. For them, ...

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Tips for keeping good hair

hair care tips

  Asperities, hair fall, bursting tip, to face many problems in khusakisaha. Domestic solving these problems carefully advised Amina Haq rupabisesajna When rough hair Two drops of vegetable oil or sunflower oil and gently massage the skyalpe. The tip of the hair and apply the same way. Keep a bottle or mixed with food and water conditioner. Spray your hair ...

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