Things that prevent you from cancer

rupcare_cancer prevention

  When it comes to fatality, it comes first to mention cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are victims of Corkcreag. The 2012 report says Denmark tops the list. Then there are France, Australia, Belgium, Norway, United States of America, Ireland, Republic of Korea, Netherlands. Denmark has an infinite number of 338 cancer cases per 100,000 people. ...

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Talk to your wife everyday to keep heart well!

rupcare_talk with wife for better heart

  Want to stay good? Listen to the wife, spend time with her. Due to keeping your heart and heart healthy – talking to a partner. Researchers are advised to take the time out to talk to their wife. If you are tired of returning to the office, or if you feel anxious to go to bed, spend time with ...

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Cucumber keeps disease away from you!


  There are several nutritional components in the body of the body. The price is not too much on him. So if you can eat cucumber regularly, then doctors say that a small and big disease can not be close to the body! That’s not totally wrong, it’s not. Because many studies have found that there are many benefits available ...

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Daily habits that make you obese

rupcare_habits that makes you obese

  When we grew fat, we were all worried. Signs of happy people who are in a bowl – this proverb has no value at all. Reduce the amount of fat in the stomach and we all get up for Dhaka. Stomach fat gives birth to many diseases. Also, stomach fat with little stylish people does not agree. Whatever he ...

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Cautions in first 3 months of pregnancy

rupcare_caution in pregnancy

  Although not quite understood, but the first three months of pregnancy seem to be very witch near any mother. The news of the arrival of the new creates a new mother’s life. Not only for the mother, this time is also considered as important for the child. So awareness needs to be done. Since childhood is the first stage, ...

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Know your health condition with tongue-spoon test

rupcare_tounge test

  This test must be done in an empty stomach just after sleeping. Water can not be eaten. So take a look at this simple test method with spoon- 1. A tea-spoon will rub on his tongue with a few drops. So that the spoon is completely wiped red. 2. Put it in a plastic bag and keep it in ...

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Things to do for prevention of breast cancer

rupcare_breast cancer prevention

  Nowadays, breast cancer has become a common disease for women. As soon as the name of the disease is heard, the women are shocked. New research has shown that breast cancer can be the most important role of cancer in women after lung cancer. Breast cancer can also infect men. But in the women it is seen more than ...

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Having child in old age…

rupcare_child bearing in old age

  Due to carrier, due to childhood or delaying the child for some reason, whatever is happening nowadays, it is very normal for a first time to be pregnant at a little older age. But yes, if the first pregnancy is higher then the risk is more than ten. All kinds of problems arise due to unexpected abortions, child development, ...

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Know your health condition according to hand

rupcare_health according to hand

  It is not just astrology, but there are some methods in medicine that can be seen by the hands of several diseases. This means that your hands carry some signs or signs of your recovery. How many such signs? Take a look at: 1. If there is red dye in place on the hand page: Those who have liver ...

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You’ll never throw lemon peel, if know these benefits

rupcare_lemon peel

  Lemon by increasing the taste of food The smoothness of the lemon gives you refreshment. Many people drink lemon water in the morning for recovery. But most people drop lemon juice after lemur juice chips. We make this mistake. Because lemon juice has some great benefits and lemon juice is 5-10 times more vitamin lemon than lemon husks. Lemon ...

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Study says: Women need more sleep than Man

rupcare_women need more sleep

  Who is more contributing to the development of our society? Male or female? In one word you will say, both of them But in the case of earning money, men ahead. Because almost all of the working men earn money. There a large portion of the working women do not earn money, they are behind the education at a ...

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Eat Garlic-Honey for 7 days to get these benefits

rupcare_garlic & honey

  Not only as a food, but a long time ago, garlic has been used as a medicine. Almost every nation in the world has been using garlic to cure diseases from various diseases. Ancient Greeks used garlic in many areas of their daily life. Apart from this, the athletes of the Olympic Games used to eat garlic to do ...

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Are you sleepy? Know some foods that wake you up

rupcare_anti sleep food

  Get to sleep while sitting. Get up and wake up in the morning. The number of such people is not less. Their davitaa one-coffee to sleep The cuff might have gone asleep in the coffin, but its fruit was in the wound body. Know, what will you sleep if you play. And the body will be in the moonlight. ...

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Avoid 6 foods for weight loss…

rupcare_give up 6 food for weight loss

  Weight loss is a quite painful task. As fast weight increases, so much weight can not be reduced. How many diet, how much exercise and how much to lose weight! How much food does not eat for weight loss There are some foods that should not be consumed at all during weight loss. Today’s feature is the name of ...

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What will happen when you eat Honey & Balsam Apple together?

  Do you know, playing seven different types of karla juice and honey together can be prevented? Only three table spoons of coriander juice and two tablespoons of honey mixed together will benefit from eating this empty stomach every morning. Boldsky, a lifestyle website, has the ability to eat karla juice and honey together. 1. Diabetes reduces Karla juice and ...

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