Food planning for Iftar

rupcare_iftar planning

  Ramadan is the month of fasting in the month of fasting. Ramadan is the unique collection of the beauty and beauty of Islamic life. In this holy month, we spread special mercy, forgiveness and salvation. Blessed are all Muslims Jahan after receiving this great month of gaining Paradise. So it is better to pursue fast in the healthy body. ...

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Less sleep kills your brain

rupcare_less sleep kills brain

  A recent study suggests that if the lack of sleep is too much, the brain itself will eat itself. This means that cells that destroy the cells of brain cells become more active. There is no sleeping option to keep the brain active – we know it. The harmful substances stored throughout the day are clean when we are ...

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Some harmful things you shouldn’t do after Seheri


  Has been sehuri? Then what to do? Indeed, after the worship of worship, they will make preparations to sleep. Someone will eat a lot of water, someone will eat cigarettes, someone will sit down to watch TV or facebook. Think of it, are you doing something that is harmful for your health in Sehore? Come on, do not know ...

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Don’t eat fish & meat together

rupcare_don't eat meat and fish together

  To be healthy, it is necessary to live properly. However, it is difficult for many to adapt to the right way. Still, to stay healthy, there are some rules to follow. Small changes in daily eating habits can help keep people healthy. Two small changes that will help keep you healthy are suggested. Suggestions I Fillet is not together ...

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Eat Soybean in thyroid problem to get more benefits

rupcare_soya bean

  Suffering from thyroid? So the soybean is going to avoid? Myth broken. Put on the menu soybean. There is no problem. Vitamin-protein-nutritional value, the key to good health However, those who are suffering from thyroid, this is their face weight. Very much like, but do not bend around soybean, soybean. Eat or forbid! Health damage! Break out this conventional ...

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Foods that reducing your physical strength

rupcare_foods that reducing your strength

  One study found that eating habits can have a damaging effect on your libido. Especially when the age increases, the chances of this harmful effect are increased. Therefore, it is better to exclude foods that reduce your physical strength or waste those power from the list of foods. Recently, most of the men suffer from the lack of desire ...

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Who should avoid drinking green tea

rupcare_green tea caution

  At the beginning of the morning maybe a cup of green tea. It seems that there is no such useful beverage. Exposes extra toxins, weight is okay, skin is good too. Yes Green is definitely beneficial. Moving forward from the common tea table. But Green Tea is not beneficial for everyone but. Who should not take Green Tea- 1) ...

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Foods to keep mosquito away


  It was hot, I brought a group of blood with mice. Now they have no work. As a result, you are always walking in the room, sometimes in the verandah. Sometimes biting is biting, so never neck. There is no peace during sleep The two eyelids were the same, and the ears were opened in front of the sunny ...

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When to drink milk – morning or night

rupcare_drinking milk

  Milk is a very useful meal. But what is the right time to drink milk? Morning or night Calcium and protein are available from milk. If there is no discomfort in lactose (milk ingredient), there is no problem with milking. However, if you drink milk for a specific amount of time, the benefits are good. A lifestyle report published ...

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How to detect artificial colored watermelon

rupcare_watermellon artificial color

  New watermelon has grown in the market But many people are worried about whether they have been given paints with the help of injection in the watermelon. Recently, under the supervision of Chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of University of Dhaka, Nilufar Nahar developed this method of color diagnosis; Tanahul Islam and Ahsan Habib Khandaker, fourth-year students of the ...

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Get relief from acidity during Ramadan


  The month of Ramadan is the month of restraint. The month of learning to keep away from bad things by restraining food But around this month, the festival of festivals takes place in the homes of the dancers of Bengalis. Iftar dish exceeds the variety of food. Various oil staple foods, especially in different places of iftar. Result, gastric ...

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Warning: Chikungunya virus spreading in Dhaka rapidly


  Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne viral disease first described during an outbreak in southern Tanzania in 1952. It is an RNA virus that belongs to the alphavirus genus of the family Togaviridae. The name “chikungunya” derives from a word in the Kimakonde language, meaning “to become contorted”, and describes the stooped appearance of sufferers with joint pain (arthralgia). Key facts ...

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Home made remedies of hypertension

rupcare_home made bp control

  The most commonly known disease called Blood Pressure is actually hypertension. Although hypertension is not common to everyone, healthy people are suffering from blood pressure. If the heart is pushed into the arteries by pushing the blood into the arteries, then pressure pressure on the arteries is due to blood pressure. This is a normal level of pressure and ...

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Do you know the benefits of eating 3 dates everyday?

rupcare_date fruit

  Do you know, dates contain fiber? Fennel helps to digest digestion. So eating palm is good for digestion. Besides, a diet rich in dates of nutrients of dates. The date is very beneficial to prevent blood loss. It helps to keep blood pressure properly. It is very tasty to eat for the natural sugar in the scent. Eating only ...

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Cotton bud caution

rupcare_cotton bud

  Do you clean ears with Cottonbad every day? Experts say that from this Cottonbad, there may be small to big wounds in the ear. Chris Jatana, a researcher at the National Children’s Hospital in Ohio, USA, said there are two ideas about cranking. We think regular ears should be cleaned at home and Cotton Badges are the safest to ...

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