Blood group may affect heart attack risk

rupcare_blood group & heart attack

  What blood group are you? According to a new study, the answer to this question may affect your heart health. Lead study author Tessa Kole, of the University Medical Centre Groningen in the Netherlands, and colleagues say that their findings suggest that healthcare professionals should consider a person’s blood group when assessing their cardiovascular risk. The researchers recently presented ...

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How to get relief from ankle pain

rupcare_ankle pain

  Recently, pain in the ankle of the feet was heard in many mouths. Especially in the case of those who are in the age of 40, this is happening more often. The main reason is weight gain. Banyan heel can not tolerate body mass due to overweight. And so it feels pain in the ankle foot. The reason for ...

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Mango caution during pregnancy

rupcare_mango caution in pregnancy

  The time to enjoy the whole summer mango. Delicious rice mango or mango Anything that I like to eat, it is also beneficial for the body. But if you are pregnant, then you have to adhere to some alarms about eating mango. While eating mango is very nutritious at this time, there are some risks. Find out how to ...

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Things you shouldn’t do after dinner

rupcare_don't do after dinner

  Which of these practices is good for the body, or is it unhealthy? There may be disagreements with them. But at least one job can not be taken before going to bed, it may be a serious physical problem – it seems that the Lithuanian lazley back. Lajli tells the daily ‘The Globe and Mail’, do not do anything ...

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Heart attack symptoms before one month

rupcare_heart attack symptoms

  The trend of heart attack is increasing day by day. Many young people are also exposed to heart disease. As the level of pollution increases around the world, the more respiratory problems are increasing. At the same time, heart problems. And this is going on with various research works. One study said that one month before the heart attack, ...

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Home remedy for allergy


  There is nothing much to get rid of. Many favorite foods to be excluded from the diet According to the doctor, some people have abnormal reaction after taking some food. For example, allergic reactions can be made from cow’s milk, eggs, nuts, soybean, hilsa, shrimp, insects, boals, sholas, brinjal, pumpkin and kachchas. The skin is hot, and the wheels ...

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Health benefits of eating grapes in summer


  Summer is now in nature. In the meantime, the body fluid is needed most. So during the summer to keep the body well, that we need to eat more foods rich water, which is a part of. You can easily eat grapes and juice with thirst. Such a result is grapes. Because a lot of water to meet the ...

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Why you shouldn’t eat Watermelon at night


  On his return home, chop cold watermelon. Whoops, the body was so cool! To change the taste of watermelon juice, salad or cocktail, makatela can run everything. Benefits of not less. Watermelon protect you from summer heat stroke. It contains potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, laikopena, 94 percent water. So good for the kidneys and the heart. Not only that, ...

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Causes of black nail problem

rupcare_black nail

  What your nails slowly being black? If the answer is yes, but it’s not a good thing. This is a complex of symptoms. So do not delay, consult a doctor to avoid complications. Some of the factors related to black toenail lifestyle website boldaskai said. 1. Ripitetibha trauma (hit repeatedly) During the game or the running of a pressure ...

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Home treatment for acidity


  Most of the time due to the summer diet khadyarasikai’ve suffered this kind of trouble. However, the disease does not afflict only the elderly. Bayasidera cuts less spread of the disease has increased remarkably. Multiple case studies have shown that the majority of adults aged 30-50 with chronic acidity of the problem. In the summer or hot spicy meal ...

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Natural remedy for preventing heart attack after 30


  Do you eat more fried foods? The continued indiscriminate drinking and smoking. The office is to wake up in the middle of the night? Well, this article is written for you. If you continue to unhealthy lifestyles because of the cholesterol, then another from a heart attack, stroke, and increases the risk of fatal disease. If you do not ...

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How much sleep do I need? Know the age wise sleep requirements


  The most important way to stay physically and mentally healthy enough sleep. With the growing increase in the current laiphastaile stress the importance of sleep. But most people in the world suffer from lack of sleep. In general, experts say the overall need to sleep 8 hours a day for recovery. But sleep is not equal at all. While ...

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Are you unfit? 7 signs to find out

rupcare_unfit girl

  You may naturally live like other people. But without your knowledge, can influence the weakness of the sleeves. Your body shows some signs of possible weakness or a person healthy. 1. Inability to push up Push up or not being able to bukadana means your body fitness is not good at all. Keep your body straight to bukadana properly ...

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Insane Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning


  Lemon water may be a dieter’s best friend. “The polyphenols in lemon may aid in reducing appetite,” registered dietician Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of Belly Fat Diet For Dummies. Rodent studies have shown that the polyphenols in lemon do help to prevent weight gain. Plus, she adds, “when you drink a glass of water, especially before a meal, ...

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rupcare_drinking water

  Is it beneficial to drink while you eat? It seems there are a few schools of thought when it comes to drinking while eating and although there may not necessarily be one right way, it is clear there are some things to avoid. Our body’s perform a number of processes while eating and digesting so it’s important to understand ...

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