The Hidden Meaning Behind Fruit & Vegetable Labels

rupcare_meaning of fruit sticker

  Like Costco’s price codes or the tags on your bread, the numerical codes printed on those sticky little fruit and vegetable labels can reveal a lot of information to us consumers. Once you understand the codes, you can look at that little label (also known as PLU, or “price look up” label) and know whether the produce you’re about ...

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Put a clip on ear for 1 minute, all your stress will be reduced

rupcare_clip in ear to reduce stress

  According to the ancient Chinese, there is a part (point) of our ears called by them Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven” that gives a lot of benefits for our body when treated. Shen Men means a miraculous, deep point that strengthens the health of our body. It also is beneficial at decreasing stress and increases the flow ...

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Are you cooking rice in wrong way? It may risk your life

rupcare_right way to cook rice

  One of the truly wonderful byproducts of going vegetarian or vegan is that it nudges you to expand your culinary horizons and venture into the vast world of delicious ethnic food. But what if that ethnic food is doing more harm to your health than good? Indian, Thai, Chinese, Latin-American … all these cuisines feature amazing flavors which rarely ...

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All-natural sugar substitutes for diabetes patient

rupcare_natural sugar substitute

  Ooh baby, do I have a sweet tooth. Don’t we all? But refined sugar is considered to be as addictive as a drug, and potentially as detrimental to your health. And while there are a ton of sugar-free sweetener alternatives on the market — I’m talking about calorie-free, chemical “artificial sweeteners” here — they are even more unhealthy than ...

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Diet to control hypertension


  Consuming too much salt can cause your body to retain fluid, which increases blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, it’s best to eat meals low in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars. This is, of course, good dietary advice for everyone, regardless of their blood pressure. Salt and High Blood Pressure Too much ...

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All disease cure is in Molasses


  The health benefits of molasses include relief from menstruation-related problems, obesity, diabetes, stress, cancer, enlarged prostate, acne and other skin ailments, constipation, headaches and anemia. It helps to improve bone health, electrolyte balance, hair care, sexual health, functioning of the nervous system, and wound healing. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin and ...

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Bangladeshi Bio-Engineer developing artificial kidney at affordable cost

rupcare_artificial kidneys

  As renal ailments appear as one of the world’s worst health issue, an intensive research project led by a Bangladeshi born US bioengineer suggests, artificial kidney at an affordable cost is expected to put an end to worries of millions by 2020, reports BSS. Talking to BSS on the sidelines of an international renal conference in India’s Chennai, 48-year-old ...

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Apple reduces cholesterol

rupcare_apple reduces cholesterol

  It raises good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol and contributes to weight loss. So what is this miracle substance? An apple. “I consider apples a magic food,” said Bahram H. Arjmandi, Ph.D., director for the Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging at Florida State University. “Apples are not my favorite food, but I buy a bag a ...

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Deep fried food is bad for health


  Fat is bad for you No, fat is a simple carrier of energy. All the accounts saying fat is bad for you focus on obesity. If you are at a normal weight and you burn as many calories as you consume there is nothing bad about fats. In fact, you need a little amount of fat to be able ...

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Is white discharge reducing your energy?

rupcare_white discharge

  It’s not the most comfortable of conversations, but discharge is something that all of us experience, some more than others. And it’s worth noticing because it could be telling you something quite important about what’s going on inside your body. Karen Morton, gynaecologist and obstetrician at Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline says, “Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. If ...

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Pineapple prevents kidney stone

rupcare_pineapple prevent kidney disease

  Yes, pineapple helps a lot in preventing kidney stones. Pineapple is a rich source of Vitamin C and potassium. This medicinal fruit beholds anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting infections. It also contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps in improving digestion and reducing blood clothing, thereby preventing formation of kidney stones. There are various other preventive measures for kidney ...

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Is it healthy to eat sweets after meals?

woman with cake and fruit

  Need an excuse to eat dessert? The latest research finds that the sweet stuff is good for your health. Sure, your refined white sugars can spark an energy crash, and ice cream might be as addictive as crack. But the sweet stuff has some virtues—for your heart, diet goals, and even libido. Here are the top five ways eating ...

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Food that causes memory loss

rupcare_memory loss

  I think we are more or less all of our memory. As age increases, the more the nature of the issues that many of us are forgetting the rules a little. And always did what we think will strengthen our memory. What diet is rousing memories, let’s see what we often search the Internet for retirement. But there, as ...

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Benefits of bathing in cold water

rupcare_cold bath

  Many people do not want to bathe in cold water, hot water is required. However, if many people know about the benefits of bathing in cold water, will be interested in this work. According to a report on Fox News. According to experts, the bath is not just cleaning. The various benefits of increased immunity are available. That’s what ...

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Is it safe to take gastric medication for long time?


  Many drugs for a long time gyasatrikera Khan. What is it exactly? Dr. spoke. Afsana Begum. He is currently working as a consultant in the Department of Medicine United Hospital. Q: In many cases, that is to take medication throughout life. This is a drug that is no long-term harmful effects of eating there? Answer: The thing is that ...

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