Olive Oil Prevents Breast Cancer

rupcare_olive oil prevents breast cancer

  A Spanish study generated worldwide headlines when its results suggested that eating a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil was linked to a lower risk of breast cancer. Still, before you run out and buy a gallon of olive oil, there are some important points about the study you should know. First, the study was designed to ...

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Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Ginger Regularly


  If you want to talk about superfoods, you need to know about ginger. Yes, that sometimes weird looking, smelly stump thing you see piled up in baskets at the market is actually an amazing addition to your healthy living plan. This exotic food is spicy, but not hot, and fragrant without tasting like floral perfume. It’s been used for ...

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Be Energetic in Ramadan

rupcare_be energetic in ramadan

  While many of our Muslim Friends marked the start of the holy month of Ramadan this week, here are 10 tips for you to apply to feel energetic while fasting. 1) Do Not Skip Suhoor. It is important not to skip Suhoor and to have it as close to sunrise as possible to maintain your energy level throughout the ...

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7 Home Treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

rupcare_PCOS home solution

  Effective Home Remedies for PCOS Although PCOS can be treated with standard medications and treatments, there is always the risk of potential side effects that could cause unnecessary harm to the body. In these cases, it is considered wise to opt for certain home remedies that offer the same benefits of standard medications, but without any potential side effects. ...

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Ramadan Fasting for Pregnant Woman

rupcare_ramadan fastiing for pregnant woman

  If you wish to fast, it appears to be safer for you and your baby if you feel strong, and if your pregnancy’s going well. If you don’t feel well enough to fast, or are worried about your health or your baby’s wellbeing, talk to your GP or midwife and get a general health check before deciding to fast. ...

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Blue Light Can Improve Attention, Alertness As Well Intelligence

rupcare_blue light increase intelligence

  Exposure to blue light can improve reaction times, attention and boost brain waves, according to a new study. With so many people working indoors–and with natural light lacking in the winter months–a new study could have important implications for the design of artificial lighting (Rahman et al., 2014). The research, conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, exposed ...

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Is Bed Tea Good or Bad for Your Health

rupcare_is bed good or bad for health

  Many of us are habituated to have bed-tea as soon as we wake up. However, this isn’t an ideal way to start your day, both for your body and your teeth. Your oral cavity and hygiene contribute a lot towards your health and overall well-being. So, it is imperative that you brush your teeth and clean your mouth, first ...

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Are chicken eggs good or bad for my cholesterol?

rupcare_egg cholesterol is good for health

  Chicken eggs are high in cholesterol, but the effect of egg consumption on blood cholesterol is minimal when compared with the effect of trans fats and saturated fats. The risk of heart disease may be more closely tied to the foods that accompany the eggs in a traditional American breakfast — such as the sodium in the bacon, sausages ...

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What food to avoid in sehri

rupcare_what food to avoid in sehri

  If you want to make it through this holy month, feeling healthy and fit, here are a few tips… With soaring temperatures in the Middle East, including the UAE, it is vital to eat healthy, nutritious food in Suhoor which keeps the body nourished and hydrated during the day. Suhoor should be a healthy – more than a hearty ...

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Amazing Benefits Of Mango Seeds For Health, Skin And Hair

rupcare_mango seed benefits

  All of us love the juicy, yellow mango fruit and are aware of its benefits. But, do you also know the uses of its seed? The mango seed can be taken in powdered, oil or butter form. Let us look at the top benefits of this wonderful gift of nature. Benefits of Mango seed: 1. Dandruff: Mango seed can ...

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Why early puberty happening in city girls?

rupcare_why early puberty happening in city girls

  For the past two decades scientists have been trying to unravel a mystery in young girls. Breast development, typical of 11-year-olds a generation ago, is now occurring in more seven-year-olds and, rarely, even in three-year-olds. That precocious development, scientists fear, may increase their risk for cancer or other illnesses later in life. Time has not resolved the puzzle. Nor ...

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Always feel tired? Here is solution…

rupcare_feel tired-hereis solution

  Energy Foods Your body runs off of what you feed it. And the best way to get the most out of your food is to make sure you’re giving yourself the best food possible. Besides what you eat, when you eat can also impact your mood. Did you ever notice how you feel sluggish after a big lunch or ...

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Does meat causes cancer?

rupcare_is meat cancerous

  There is now a clear body of evidence that bowel cancer is more common among those who eat the most red and processed meat. Processed meat consumption has also been strongly linked to a higher risk of stomach cancer. The World Health Organisation has classified processed meats – including ham, salami, sausages and hot dogs – as a class ...

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Tips for preventing breast cancer

rupcare_breast cancer prevention tips

  1. Find out how dense you are One of the newest ways to protect yourself is to learn whether you have dense breasts. When you have more tissue than fat in your breasts—which is common in younger women—it makes cancer harder to detect on a mammogram: Both tumors and breast tissue show up white, while fat looks dark. Even ...

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You should know before using honey


  1. Helps prevent cancer and heart disease: Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. 2. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders: Recent research shows that honey treatment may help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. This may be related to the 3rd benefit… 3. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal: “All honey is ...

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