What Happen to Your Body When Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

rupcare_what happens if birth control pills off

  You’re probably well versed in all the changes that can happen when you go on the Pill (lighter periods, fewer cramps, hopefully no pregnancy scares, etc.). But what about when you go off of it? Whether you’re ditching birth control to get pregnant or just because you don’t need it right now, you’re probably curious about any changes that ...

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Say no to early marriage in PCOS


  Let me assure you that PCOS (even if you have it) is one of the commonest condition and occurs in as many as 20% of all women. Indeed it is so common that it can no longer be called a disease or a disorder. It is only a variant of normal. PCOS represents a wide spectrum of clinical problems ...

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Top Foods That Improve Your Hemoglobin

rupcare_iron foods

  A drop in your blood count is a serious issue; it can be a sign of anemia, an infection, or even bleeding. The stakes are higher for women, especially those who aren’t particular about iron and other nutrients in their diet, as the drop in hemoglobin could be more than usual, leading to weakness and poor routine performance. While ...

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Top Foods That Increase Sex Power


  It is a known fact in modern times that eating specific natural foods can get the mojo going. People nowadays often resort to chemicals which assure the prescribed effects albeit with a possibility of the occurrence of side-effects later or immediately. Succulent fruits, exotic vegetables are known to spice up the sex life. The foods mentioned below have certain ...

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Effective Acupressure Points to Relieve Sleeping Disorders and Promote Sleep

rupcare_acupressure for sleep

  Chronic stress, anxiety, and tension can create sleeping disorders. Here are 3 soothing acupressure points that treat insomnia and improve sleep. P6 Acupressure point P6 or Pericardium 6 is a well-known point of treating nausea and vomiting. This point is called the Inner Gate point, and it is located in the central point of the inner side of the ...

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Signs of Uterine Cancer


  Women with uterine cancer may experience the following symptoms or signs. Sometimes, women with uterine cancer do not have any of these changes. Or, the cause of a symptom may be another medical condition that is not cancer. The most common symptom of endometrial cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, ranging from a watery and blood-streaked flow to a flow ...

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The Best Time of Eating to Lose Weight

rupcare_best time of eating

  When you have your meals is just as important as what you eat if you’re trying to whittle your waist Chances are your schedule is already so loaded that you cringe at the thought of trying to add another item. Having a set meal plan, however, can make it easier to lose or maintain weight. There’s no need to ...

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Eat two date fruit daily to get relief from 7 disease

rupcare_date fruit

  Dates aren’t exactly a nutritional powerhouse when compared to some other foods like kiwi or sesame seeds, but the fruit does still offer numerous health benefits along with great taste. Here are some health benefits of dates. 1. Promoting Digestive Health, Relieving Constipation – Fiber is essential for promoting colon health and making for regular bowel movements. The insoluble ...

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Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits Of Amla Soaked In Honey

rupcare_amla in honey

  You might have heard many health benefits of amla, also known as an Indian gooseberry. However, having amla along with honey comes with a unique set of health benefits. It also makes those sour green amlas a tasty treat to eat. Soaking amlas in honey not only preserves them but also enhances their health benefits and their taste as ...

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Don’t touch these parts of body for your hygiene

rupcare_don't touch these areas of body

  Your Ear Canal You should never stick your fingers—or anything else—in your ears. “Introducing anything into the ear canal can tear the thin skin that lines the ear canal,” says John K Niparko, MD, professor and chair of the department of otolaryngology-head & neck surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. If you feel a persistent itching ...

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Health tips for getting normal childbirth

rupcare_health tips for delivered women

  A natural, unmedicated vaginal birth is an entirely achievable and reasonable goal for about 85 percent of pregnant women, according to Healthy People 2020. The other 15 percent have health complications that put them in a high-risk category where they’ll need certain interventions, such as a Cesarean section, to make birth safe, either for mom or baby. We know, ...

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Foods that will increase your hemoglobin


  Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein present in red blood cells. This protein is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Its main function is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues, so that living cells can perform properly. Hemoglobin also helps carry carbon dioxide away from the cells and transport it back to the lungs. As ...

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Get rid of gastric problem forever with these tips


  1. Drink some peppermint tea Peppermint is great for soothing churning stomachs and easing gas pains. Its essential oil contains menthol, which has an antispasmodic effect of the smooth muscle of the digestive track. It also soothes nerves, and therefore can soothe stomachs that really feel the effect of nervousness and stress. Drink a cup after dinner to help ...

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Amazing Foods That Will Increase Height


  Fish The seafood is rich in many proteins and vitamins. Fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in Vitamin D and proteins, which promotes height growth. Eggs This superfood is rich in vitamin D and calcium. So, for a healthy body and strong bones, make sure you include boiled eggs as they are one of the best methods ...

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Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

rupcare_home remedies for uti

  1. Drink Water-A lot of Water This may not sound like the most extraordinary remedy, but it is one of the most important things you can do when you have a UTI. It can help flush out bacteria, and (almost) more importantly, it gives you something to actually push out when you pee! A lot of home remedies for ...

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