How To Recover Deleted Text Messages, Photos On Your Android Phone

rupcare_sms, photo recovery from mobile

  If you’ve accidentally deleted all your text messages – or even just a single, important message – you need to act fast. Lost messages are recoverable, but only until the portion of memory on which they were saved is over-written by an app update, file download or similar. So grab your phone and computer and learn how to recover ...

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Muslim marriage registration fee in Bangladesh

rupcare_marriage registration fee in bangladesh

  According to the Muslim Marriage Act, 1974 Registration of Muslim Marriage and Divorce is done here. GENERAL INFORMATION FOR REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE As per the existing law of the country every citizen of Bangladesh must register his/her marriage with Office of the Muslim Marriage & Divorce Registrar & Kazi. In default it shall be regarded as punishable offence and ...

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10 Richest Muslim Women In The World

rupcare_world's richest muslim women

  A portion of the wealthiest individuals on the planet are from the middle east, and happen to be Muslim. Some earned it, some acquired their wealth, and others are hitched to a percentage of the wealthiest men on earth. Regardless of how they got rich, below is a rundown of 10 of the wealthiest muslim females on the planet: ...

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How to reduce excessive electricity bill

rupcare_reduce electric bill

  Per month electric bill sky looks like your head has been bad? Many tried failed. However, the bill is coming to nothing less! If you know how to lower electric bills come. He highlighted some of the ways are: Try using solar power. Old and unclean tubes or bulbs cost more than electricity. So clean it regularly. Phluorosenta compact ...

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Is Salwar Kameez a dress according to Sunnah?

rupcare_salwar kameez

  Prayer, fasting, Hajj, Zakat, families, societies isalamabisayaka central direction of the Question ‘you ask. The event was broadcast by a private television. Affiliates Azad replied to different questions the audience on the occasion of the presentation of the popular damuhammada Saifullah distinguished scholar. Episode 1902 to your question about whether Sunnati clothing salwar kameez West Shikarpur, Pirojpur Safiya Khatun ...

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10 profession of man that attracts women

rupcare_woman attracted to man

  Of course, one man’s taste for one another, but there are 10 such profession, which at first glance associated with men, women are different. These men are most attracted to the girls. Men’s Looks, sense of humor or as dressing to attract women, so men associated with their particular profession is a weakness. No 10 girls attracted to the ...

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Benefits of putting Onion under feet


  What do you put a piece of onion on the leg for resistance to cold sleep? If not, at least, must have heard. They may be surprised or laugh at first listening! But it’s really effective. When a problem when you cough onion will work excellently. But the worst part is the smell. To remove the smell of many ...

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Remove 8 information to be safe on facebook

rupcare_be safe on social media

  Now, almost everyone uses Facebook, so to speak. Asacetanataya themselves are insecure themselves. In that case, everyone should be aware of. If you use Facebook all consciously to avoid unwanted incidents. Social yogayogamadhyame to stay safe with your Facebook profile immediately remove the information from the 8. Most people involved with majika barsatamane media. They are members of some ...

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Track your Facebook profile visitor easily


  Who is visiting your Facebook profile, and who are keeping an eye on your profile and post the interest payment would be impossible, but it is not. A very simple strategy, you can know who visits your Facebook profile. Facebook is the most popular social media this time. All more or less tried to make himself attractive Facebook profile ...

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Love according to horoscope


  Sun sign, in the form of a sort of love? How about his outburst. No one loves to see the form, at some times. The choice ekekajanera arise spontaneously. In this regard, reports ayastrolajarsa Bangladesh Society (BAS) ‘s member Fazle Azim ayastrolajara and Psychic Consultant. Aries (March -২0 April 1) Every woman walking out of his mind the safety ...

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Importance of Kabin


  According to Muslim family law, marriage is an important document for registration or Kabinanama groom and bride. Kabinanama without registration or marriage becomes difficult to prove. As a result, women are the most likely to be cheated. Dower, maintenance, determining inheritance, guardianship, etc., the demand for child marriage or marriage registration trial court Kabinanama is considered a legal document. ...

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Don’t mess up with girls of these zodiac


  When angry, and when they got their heads in anger’ve got, difficult to say. Therefore, according to western astrology, this sign’s location is well-ghamtanoi. It is not just a task ghamtano girls. Bankim women are more sensitive about the “half full book,” Be not see, but they are totally into adisaktira meeting. Joy Goswami’s poetry is followed by anger, ...

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Today’s Horoscope 25-12-16


  Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) To buy new household appliances will cost a lot of money. Foreign organization or individual will deal with some of them. Good entertainment and romance. Give her more time. Good journey far away. CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan) Look for a new job matches. Health can not be too much of a ...

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How to detect fake money through Smartphone


  It is very difficult to identify counterfeit money. As well as shopping, banking transactions that counterfeit money when it goes into many of these have been cold. However, much of the concern will be reduced to a single app on your smartphone. Fraud alert and active, so that’s really difficult to identify counterfeit money. Although Bangladesh Bank fraudsters cycle ...

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How to clean a mirror easily


As the mirror is not deleted, bound to have spots. You may have the most expensive liquid on a regular basis to clean the mirror. But having no avail. The spots that remain. And there is no smartness. To clean stains easily mirror the way home. Boldaskai on some aspects of which have been highlighted. Let’s take a glance to ...

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