Unbelievable age of mother & her two daughters

rupcare_unbeleivable age

  Know the mother and her two daughters, their identity and age Get acquainted with this family in Taiwan They are probably the only family in the world who hold their youth, incredibly. It is not far ahead of all. See the picture above. Even if you look very well, it seems that three sisters who are younger than teenage ...

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Why Mahmudullah showed his bat after century


  Bangladesh beat New Zealand by five wickets in the ICC Champions Trophy last match of the group stages in the last match. The middle-order batsman, Mahmudullah Riyad, played a vital role in batting with five wickets in the match against the Kiwis. He scored the third century in the career. Mahmudullah celebrated a mysterious celebration after blowing a century ...

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Meet real life “Vampire Couple”!


  Recently, a couple in Italy claimed to be their ‘vampire couple’. They are living each other’s blood to keep their ties afloat. 30-year-old Denis Alberto and 20-year-old girlfriend, Ellya, give an advertisement on Facebook for acting in circus three years ago. The couple there promised that they would drink each other’s blood like a vampire. But the matter does ...

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Why Manua killed rich husband by her lover


  Her husband is rich Lovers are common. Yet Manuja Majumder, who killed her husband by lover, was murdered. but why ? Psychologists believe that Manu’s husband Anupam Singh is very good man responsible for this. Husband’s good-looking attitude of the woman disliked Manuya The incident happened in India’s northern twenty-four Parganas. What will be the relationship of a few ...

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Unbelievable relationship with animals

rupcare_amazing relationship

  There is a saying in the village that if in danger, tigers and deer drink water at one hour. One such picture is via viral social communication. But instead of tiger and deer there is a cat and a duck child. After the cyclone Mora hit Bangladesh, the image is seen in the wall of Bangladeshi Facebook users. However, ...

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New born baby walking! Video viral on social media

rupcare_new born baby walking

  What can be done after child birth in human society? If you ask such questions, almost all of them will get the same answer. The eyes of the newborn do not bloom. What else is possible without tears! At this time, the eyes of the people have become so accustomed to the new ones. But what happened now, doctors ...

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An acid victim got her real love

rupcare_acid victim got her love

  Not the body, the beauty of the mind is the key to love. A young man named Ravi Shankar proved that he was married to Ben Bansi, who was thrashed in acid. Giving happiness to the people of love is both bride and groom. The wedding was held in Mumbai city of India. The incident is in 2012. A ...

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Bad comments on Cricketer’s page by some nasty users

rupcare_bad comments on shakib's post

  The number of Facebook users of Bangladesh is increasing and it is increasing. Increasingly, the arrival of people with distorted mentality in the virtual world. They have been able to open a fake ID after one and implement their plans. Even if a young woman is raped, they excuse clothing; In spite of being a victim of rape, the ...

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Child sucking dead mother’s milk!

rupcare_child feeding dead mother's milk

  The mother’s frozen body is lying beside the railway track. The mother is not responding to the cry of the child, but the unwise child is not responding. The child has already been trying hard to breastfeed the dead mother’s breast. This heart-felt incident happened in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Police recovered the body of a woman ...

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Baby bump disappears in a minute! What is the secret

rupcare_baby bump disappear

  When a child is growing in a woman’s womb, the woman’s stomach increases with the increase in the pregnancy. It is possible to see the child growing from outside. But the visible swell of any pregnant belly can disappear soon? The question arises in the context of a video shared in Instagram. What is the video? The video shows, ...

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How much Safat spent in Rain Tree Hotel that night

rupcare_safat's cost

  The estimates of the money spent on March 28 at the Banani hotel in the capital have been found. On March 28, from 4am to 29th March, up to 10am, his expenditure in 18 hours was about sixty thousand taka. There is no mention of alcohol in the receipt given by the hotel in Safat. There is a separate ...

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Shafat’s mother speaks about her son’s crime


  Safat’s mother Nilufar Jasmin, accused of raping two girls in Banani, opened her mouth with the misdeeds of the boy. He said that this condition of son’s son is now on his father’s life. Babai encouraged the boy to do evil work. He said that if the truth is what happened to the two victims, it is also wrong. ...

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Banani rape case victim photo leaked by criminal gang

rupcare_banani rape case

  Two students of rape in Banani, capital of the capital, are not leaving behind the propaganda despite the confession of police and the accused in the court. A fake Facebook account has spread the image of two students. These pictures have been added to offensive comments. Family sources of the victims said that after learning about the video, the ...

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Namkaran Dadi Reema Lagoo dead

rupcare_rima lagu

  Actress ‘Ma’ Rima Lagu died in heartbreak. Until his death, he was known by the name of Hindi drama Avani’s grandmother’s account. He died on Thursday in a private hospital in Mumbai. He was 59 years old. According to the Times of India, on Wednesday night, suddenly she felt pain in her chest. At that time, he was admitted ...

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How you can withdraw your gold from Apan Jewellers

rupcare_apan jewellers

&nbsp Customs Intelligence Authority has called upon the gold jewelers to deposit their Jewelers in order to show the necessary receipt on Monday. Following the interrogation of three jewelers’ owners on Wednesday, the information was given in the order of Customs Director General HM Shariful Hasan. Director General of the Directorate of Customs and Investigation Moinul Khan told Kaler Kantho ...

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