Hindu girl scored top result in Madrasa!

rupcare_madrasa student

  Children of Muslim families usually go to high madrasas or do good results. But it’s like reversal. When all the intolerance of intolerance is going on in the whole of India, a bright spot was created at the time of Prasma Samajal, a student of Khalatpur High Madrasa in Udyanarayanpur, Howrah, West Bengal. In the Secondary Examination of the ...

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Father drive CNG-Auto with son in arm!

rupcare_cng driver with son

  One hand tightly held auto handle. Two-year-old son, caught in the other hand Suddenly, the mud boy sleeping all day long Father of the year twenty-six is ​​delivering smile to the passengers’ destination. Mohammad Saeed The only earning of the world. Wife in a stroke is a lazy wife. So he carried the boy with a couple of years ...

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Suicidal game responsible for suicide 130 teen girls!

rupcare_suicidal game

  In Russia and its adjoining areas, several teenage suicide news came to the police in the past few months. Police have reported 16 teenage girls suicide in just three months. In such a short time, so many young girls were surprised by the suicide of the police. Investigating officers felt that all these assassinations might not be an isolated ...

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You’ll be surprised to know the relation between this two!

rupcare_50 years woman looks just 22

  Dizziness skin, rubbing body. Glamor is going to be stuck. It seems to be 22 to 23 years of age. But the reality is a lot different from that. There is still no real way to realize this ‘old age’ in his life-long life. Even if you do not say, nobody can understand it, even a 50-year-old woman has ...

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Strange thing came out from coconut water pack!

rupcare_strange coconut water

  A young woman in New York bought cab packed water from the market. The bodies of four immersed beasts were rescued from inside the water carton. And after drinking the water, the young woman has become seriously ill. Barbara Evelyn Mary, a few days ago, bought a carton of packet coconut water made from the famous company Vita Coco ...

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Dressup after death!

rupcare_dressup after death

  Risin pregguneta 20-year-old Filipino women Now he is no longer alive. He died on 17 April. And his death was not unexpectedly. After a long time, Bison died after fighting with Tumor and Rasin died. Before his death, he had a last wish. That is, after his death, he is dressed in a beautiful way. The image of his ...

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Pregnant woman is now BCS Cadre

rupcare_pregnant woman bcs cadre

  If you have the power that is invincible, then it is possible that Suparna De In the nine month pregnancy, the 35th BCS written examination was being conducted. But on the last day of the last test, there was a lot of excitement. At night the hospital was taken. At around 4:30 in the morning, his son was in ...

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Viral photo child now goes to school

rupcare_child photo viral

  Not long ago, a year ago, the family threw the child out of the house with a lack of urgency. When the child is rescued from the pile of the trash, then the eyes are fixed. Dirt-free dust is the sign of extreme malnutrition in the naked body. The body of the skull, which still survived, was telling the ...

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If there is will there is a way…

rupcare_if there is will there is way

  The girl’s name is Annie. And the boy’s name is Revolution. They are brothers and sisters. Annie came to the office every day. The revolution also came along. No They both do not work together. Then why did you come? The girl took her to the office and brought her to the office. Not only the office, her brother ...

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Mother did better than son in SSC exam result

rupcare_mother did better than son in ssc

  Although the age difference between the mother and the boy is very much, both of them participated in SSC exams together. The incident happened at Bagatipara in Natore. Both the mother and son who attended the SSC exams passed. Mother Molly Rani got GPA 4.53 and her son Mrinmaye Kumar Kundu GPA 4.43. Both of them took part in ...

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Akad of Shakib-Al-Hasan’s sister done well and good

rupcare_shakib's sister wedding

  The marriage of the only sister of all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has been completed in the marriage ceremony of Jannatul Ferdous Ritu. Pot Alif Molla is the son of Ali Mollah, brother of Mirza’s brother Elias Mollah. Shakib Al-Hassan is scheduled to fly to England after finishing his sister’s marriage ceremony. Akam was held in Dhaka on Thursday. In ...

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Shakib’s sister marriage: Who is the groom?

rupcare_shakib's sister marriage

  Shakib Al Hasan returning to the country The world-wide all-rounder will reach Kolkata from tomorrow. On Thursday, the only sister of her husband Jannatul Ferdous Ritu will return to the marriage. Saif, the son of Ali Ahmed Molla, younger brother of Mirza Ali of Mirpur, Aliya Mollah. After finishing his studies, Saif is now looking after his family business. ...

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Man divorced his wife for taking food selfie!

rupcare_divorce for food-selfie

  The husband and wife went to dinner at a luxurious restaurant in Amman, Jordan’s capital. Two people sat down to eat in a romantic atmosphere. But the consequences of this meal are divided by separation. Due to distraction of food within the restaurant, husband gave divorce to wife. According to a report, the news channel Khaliz Times What was ...

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106 years old cooking teacher gone viral on facebook!

rupcare_106 years old cooking teacher

  Mustangam is 106 years old. Even though he scored a century on the day of his life, he did not get any chance. He has created a storm on social media through YouTube. The oldest online star has made him the pot of cooking like ‘Droopy’. A YouTube channel named ‘Country Foods’ has been opened by Mustangamma, a resident ...

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How to identify a terrorist tenant

rupcare_terrorist tenant

  The Dhaka Metropolitan Police has been distributing a leaflet of 20 types of militant tenant. It has been said that the militants do not have specific occupations. They do not have much furniture in their home. They are mostly inside the house. They cook in small haypillas. On Saturday afternoon, such leaflets were distributed among the people present in ...

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