Garbage found from woman’s belly

rupcare_garbage from belly

  The news on the Internet is now very viral. According to the 43-year-old woman suffered several days of abdominal pain. He went to the doctor. But after listening to the doctor because of pain in his stomach, he was surprised. His stomach was so much garbage that can not trust anyone. However, she said it was not who or ...

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Everyone is crying to see this video!

rupcare_jui tvc

  That’s the beauty of the hair, the hair is not the cause of its weakness. 80 out of every 100 women are victims of violence in everyday life in some way. Children, family, and honor to think about all of these 80 people, including 7 of torture accepted in silence, no one would have said. But from now on, ...

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Woman of 500 Kg weight now walking after surgery

rupcare_500kg woman

  The 36-year-old Egyptian woman, Iman Ahmed pawn piece has legs to walk again. At the present time the world’s most overweight women. He had difficulty walking alone in the midst of so much that has to do with its operations for weight loss. Bariatric surgery has been successful in lean body, doctors said. Recently, however, the weight of an ...

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This Girl uses Vicks Vaporub in feet to cure her cough!

rupcare_vicks with shocks

  Johanna Perry, a resident of Los Angeles, a fitness trainer and model. He guides the key to staying healthy as other people, so we continued to try to keep myself as healthy and beautiful as possible. But in the midst of the johannai kasite long suffered. There’s no time, there is no off season suddenly became flurry cough. It ...

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Reasons why mess living bachelors are good for marriage!

rupcare_bachelor boys

  Bachelor’s degree or a job because a lot of mess in the city to live. With their families are not, by themselves, so most of the time they work. Dear readers, today’s legendary humor mess dhamakaya see how the boys and girls of marriage market is the top choice. Specialist egg-peas Some of the boys in the mess the ...

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40 years old woman given birth to 69 children

69 child

  Just 40 years old. A Palestinian woman gave birth to the age of 69. He died on Sunday in the Gaza Strip. Indiyatude said. According to Al-Arabiya Saudi Press arababhittika Palestinian woman gave birth to two children together, 16, gave birth to three children, and four times together, he gave birth to four children. According to the Guinness world ...

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Breast Milk in 500 hundred dollar!

breast milk

  Syndicate is one of the big selling breast milk. Not only economic factors, involved with the kind of luxury. Australian women have started selling milk in private. Just one liter of milk they sell about 40 thousand rupees, down where ordinary milk price than a hundred. According to the investigation, the sales trend in women’s breast milk in Australia, ...

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Foreign girls are cleaning Dhaka University streets

cleaning du

  Translation work can be seen in front of the Dhaka University Central Library and four foreign woman. Wednesday (February X) 10am to clean the garbage in the streets of Dhaka. Lia of them came from Germany, and the United States came from Amalia Sania and cross-examination. Bangladesh to see how their views about the US women Amelia said, Bangladesh ...

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This girl had snake bite 32 times, but still alive


  Once, not twice. 32 times in 18-year-old woman had a snake. However, he is comfortably well. And so the woman called the divine power of the ‘goddess’ has begun to think of people in the village. The woman’s name Manisha Verma. Siramaure home state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Young said Manisha, a child going through the village on the ...

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Husband saves wife from Suicide

rupcare_husband saves from suicide

    A indefinable moment. You are about to kill himself with a proud family man or a woman. He was slim. Sanajhi in province of China. To put an end to the high-rise building with a great jump. Incredible but true, but her husband caught her just in time. Barely got hair! Endeavored to save his beloved wife. Those ...

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Why you should buy nokia 3310 again

rupcare_nokia 3310

  Recent reports of a Nokia 3310 relaunch have sent the internet into a frenzy. Here’s everything we know about the Nokia 3310 relaunch so far, including a possible Nokia 3310 release date, plus specs, price and more. Like the iPod, George W Bush, and meddler-in-chief Clippy the paperclip, the Nokia 3310 is undoubtedly a cultural icon of the early ...

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Woman marrying herself after being inspired by episode of Friends

rupcare_woman marry herself

  A woman is marrying herself. She’s not the first. In May last year, Sophie Tanner, 37, from Brighton, had a solo wedding after 20 years of apparently unsuccessful dating. Sophie followed artist Tracey Emin’s decision to marry an ancient rock . Lynne Gollogly, 39, is also taking a vow of solitude. As she approaches her 40th birthday, she’s going ...

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Habib divorced with his second wife


  Popular singer and music director Habib Wahid. Although the personal life is a crisis in the world of music he admired. Habib matters relating to marriage, especially with quite embarrassed. After the divorce with first wife Banskhali second daughter married rehanake. The second wife has divorced her. It was a long time tanaparena their family. He was a continuation ...

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141 dangerous spots of Dhaka City: Be careful


  There was robbed by a sudden rise in the capital of public concern. Despite these incidents, as well as law-enforcing agencies to take strict security concerns. Several areas have been identified in the capital recidivist. Last year, the city’s 141 police spatake robbed and was identified as a recidivist. This is expected to increase further the number of spots. ...

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One rupee saree sell in India!

rupcare_one rupee saree

  Crowds throng Bidar shop that said, “Bring a rupee note, take a saree”. A small cloth shop owner in Bidar, Karnataka is promoting demonetisation with his own prize scheme: for two days since Sunday he has sold sarees at a rupee each, the only condition being that the payment has to be made with a Re.1 note. No coins. ...

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