International Gold Price Reduced Again


  Gold and silver prices in the international market. The dollar exchange rate increased by reducing the cost of the product a day before the European Central Bank (ECB) bond purchases on Thursday after the announcement of the decision to minimize the precious metals market was down again. Edinakara reducing the cost of destabilizing the gold market can not be ...

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Ditii’s last film will be released


  The actress Parveen Sultana Diti, but remains his signature role. Her last released film on Friday. The film is directed by Shafiq Hasan ‘Comet’. The main role of the film Shakib Khan and fairy stones. Diti grave tomorrow morning on the occasion of the release of the film will be director. Film artists and technicians are expected to manager. ...

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Dead man alive in morgue!


  Suddenly, there came someone’s voice from inside the morgue. An unexpected surprise was the sound of a hospital worker. What is it? How is the human voice coming from the Morgue? Someone shouted from inside the morgue are trying to understand a refrigerator. Opening the freezer was, lying naked in a ‘dead’ man from the cold, shaking and trying ...

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Titanic will be back again!


  James Cameron’s “Titanic” movie remember? Built in 1997, thanks to all of the film was well-known scene from the Titanic ship with underwater. The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean 191 yatratei. The cold and drowning accidents are one of the ship’s 500 passengers were killed. Bringing back the taitanikake China. The Titanic made exactly the same design, but ...

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Study in Sweden for free


  Swedish higher education institutions and a variety of scholarships for university study contributes to the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under this scholarship students from different countries, including Bangladesh, a master’s degree can take free of cost. 335 students will be given scholarships. The 201718 academic post-graduate admission notice has been published in Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under scholarships in ...

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A sad story of Rohingya sisters


  Habiba and her sister’s account of being gang raped by Myanmar troops is shockingly common among the thousands of Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh to escape the military’s violence. “They tied both of us to the bed and raped us one by one,” said 20-year-old Habiba, who has now found shelter with a Rohingya refugee family a few ...

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Khadija regains consciousness, given her photo on facebook


  The long wait for Mashuk Miah ended. His daughter Khadija Begum Nargis called ‘Abbu’, regaining consciousness after many days. Khadija, now fighting for her life at the capital’s Square Hospitals, was brutally hacked by a Bangladesh Chhatra League leader on 3 October. After a long wait, Khadija gained consciousness, said her family. Khadija’s father Mashuk Miah, who returned home ...

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At which time sun rays are bad for your skin


  Although the risks of sun exposure have been greatly overblown, anyone who has ever gotten a sunburn knows that too much sun genuinely can damage your skin. What is less well known is that for many years, sunscreens only protected you from the potentially beneficial, vitamin D producing UVB rays, while letting through skin-damaging UVA light. Both UVA and ...

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Earth may destroy in full moon


  Earth may once have had two moons – the one that shines at night today and a smaller companion, according to a new theory. A slow-motion collision between the two is believed to have created the mountainous highlands on the moon’s far side, as debris from the second, smaller moon piled up. The side of the moon facing the ...

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Scholarships for study in Netherlands

rupcare_scholarship-in-netherlands   The main organization managing information about scholarships in Holland is NUFFIC, the Netherlands’ Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education. Up to date information on all scholarships for Holland can always be found on their website NUFFIC are also the ones looking after the validation procedures for foreign diplomas and qualifications, so one can also get in ...

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BD Police Ethi Becomes Singer


  The music of Bangladesh, also referred to as Bangladeshi music, comprises a long tradition of religious and secular song-writing over a period of almost a millennium. Composed with lyrics in the Bengali language, Bengali music spans a wide variety of styles. In Bangladesh music has served the purpose of documenting the lives of the people and was widely patronized ...

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Indian drug addicts love Bangladeshi Tk. 2 note


  “Durability” of the country’s lowest denomination banknote proving useful to drug users over the border, where it can be sold for vastly inflated prices It was relatively unknown, until recently, that Indian drug addicts are a huge fan of the Tk2 note – not for its beautiful design, but for its durability. In fact, its demand is so high ...

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Nusrat just wants to live some more days…


  Ovarian cancer is a cancer that forms in an ovary.[1] It results in abnormal cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body.[2] When this process begins, there may be no or only vague symptoms. Symptoms become more noticeable as the cancer progresses.[3][4] These symptoms may include bloating, pelvic pain, abdominal swelling, and ...

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Supermoon on Monday to be closest since 1948


  This Monday, November 14, the full moon will appear larger than it has since the 1940s. The moon will appear around 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter compared with the smallest full moons. It will be worth taking a step outside to see this super supermoon. What is a supermoon, and why does it happen? The moon’s orbit ...

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