Cricketer Arafat Sunny arrested for posting intimate photo of girl


  Bangladesh national team cricketer Arafat Sunny has been arrested in an Information and Communication Technology Act case filed by a woman. Mohammapdur police’s Inspector Jane Alam Munshi said that he was arrested around 8am on Sunday from his home in Aminbazaar on the outskirts of the capital. The woman had filed the case on Jan 5, said Mohammadpur police’s ...

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Billionaire barber: Ramesh Babu

rupcare_hair styler to billionaire

  May seem like a fairy story. Bangalore, Ramesh Babu sound incredible, but the story of real living. Barbers worth hundreds of millions of India’s owner. Rose was driving his Rolls Royce luxury saloons. Could this indiyatibhira detailed reports ‘surprise’, the story of the barber. Despite its abundance, or the amount of wealth he is a general Barbers ‘extraordinary’ is! ...

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Marriage breaks only for 50 Taka!


  Twenty-four Parganas district in the north Indian state of West Bengal, only 50 basirahate competition for money from the marriage has broken down barapaksa. The incident took place on Monday night. After her husband disappeared a few years ago, taught the mother of two children studying in great difficulty. The daughter’s marriage was passed. Andulapotara village pot. Demand future ...

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94 wives in 34 countries!


  France, Finland, Japan, from Argentina to the German-America. Amy, Annie, Maria, Mary, Kate, Queens There are many names that woman, maybe do not remember his first name. Yet marriage meteni hobby. The marriage of the UK’s civil public addresses hobby husband now 34 countries! The 3-year-old opened the innings in his marriage. 94 have come out in 35 years! ...

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Disastrous earthquake is coming towards us


  Coming devastating mega-quake, which killed four million people and violence to divide the two continents. Not an astrologer, he predicted a nuclear scientist. Since the earthquake over 016 violence in different parts of the world have been unthinkable loss. A few hundred thousand people died, cattle. Large amounts of property were destroyed. But barely onset of the Purge, the ...

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Imran H. Sarkar is marrying education minister’s daughter


  Ganajagaran Mancha spokesperson Imran H Sarker is set to marry education minister Nurul Islam Nahid’s daughter. The bride, Nadia Nandita Islam, is a teacher of the University of Dhaka. An education ministry official told the Prothom Alo that Gaye Halud, a pre-wedding ceremony, of the couple was held on Friday night at the residence of the minister at Hare ...

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Kabir Bakul is on ICU


  Songwriter Kabir Bakul Square now in hospital. On Saturday night, the intensive care unit (ICU) has been taken. He is suffering from pneumonia and asthma. Haemorrhage has been known to have problems. Kabir Bakul two daughters (motivation and expectation) and a son (Cover) asked for her blessing. As at December 13 Moghbazar fever was admitted to Holy Family Hospital. ...

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Messi’s marriage date fixed


  They love doing for a long time. And from an early age. Both crops has been a long two children love. The Argentine superstar has become necessary to define social bonding. Messi had spread rumors of marriage for quite a while. It was just a rough day! However, the next will begin to live under the same roof, the ...

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Shakib-Shishir’s Marriage Anniversary Today


  Many young women have taken heart Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh cricket superstar. This coming after the wedding. But one had taken him to heart. He dew yuktarastraprabasi Um Ahmed. The identity of the two to play county cricket in England. How dew that falls in love with the shy Shakib identity. They married on December 1 in 01. ...

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Teenager selling her VIRGINITY for €1 million Euros


  A astadasira virginity is sold for 1.7 million British pounds. A German website 4 million rupees in Indian currency about 14 million Romanian teenager aleksajandra khepharenera bikocche virginity. British TV aleksajandra has confessed in an interview. Jan, the owner of the escort service websites to sell her virginity would jyakobiyelsaki 0 ​​percent commission. He is said to have been ...

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International Gold Price Reduced Again


  Gold and silver prices in the international market. The dollar exchange rate increased by reducing the cost of the product a day before the European Central Bank (ECB) bond purchases on Thursday after the announcement of the decision to minimize the precious metals market was down again. Edinakara reducing the cost of destabilizing the gold market can not be ...

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Ditii’s last film will be released


  The actress Parveen Sultana Diti, but remains his signature role. Her last released film on Friday. The film is directed by Shafiq Hasan ‘Comet’. The main role of the film Shakib Khan and fairy stones. Diti grave tomorrow morning on the occasion of the release of the film will be director. Film artists and technicians are expected to manager. ...

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Dead man alive in morgue!


  Suddenly, there came someone’s voice from inside the morgue. An unexpected surprise was the sound of a hospital worker. What is it? How is the human voice coming from the Morgue? Someone shouted from inside the morgue are trying to understand a refrigerator. Opening the freezer was, lying naked in a ‘dead’ man from the cold, shaking and trying ...

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Titanic will be back again!


  James Cameron’s “Titanic” movie remember? Built in 1997, thanks to all of the film was well-known scene from the Titanic ship with underwater. The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean 191 yatratei. The cold and drowning accidents are one of the ship’s 500 passengers were killed. Bringing back the taitanikake China. The Titanic made exactly the same design, but ...

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Study in Sweden for free


  Swedish higher education institutions and a variety of scholarships for university study contributes to the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under this scholarship students from different countries, including Bangladesh, a master’s degree can take free of cost. 335 students will be given scholarships. The 201718 academic post-graduate admission notice has been published in Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under scholarships in ...

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