Pasta soup recipe!

rupcare_pasta soup recipe

  Many people do not know the sap that can be made with pasta. Although a fun snack is a pasta soup. Ingredients Pasta 100 grams 2 cups of chicken stock Mashroom Kochi 4 Tomato paste 1 table spoon The white part of the egg is 1 Oil 2 table spoon Salt taste Little sugar Black pepper powder is one-sided ...

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rupcare_soup stock

  Broth is a basic in my kitchen. Besides using the broth to make soups, sauces or rice dishes, I frequently use it to boil pasta and vegetables for a more flavorful dish. The homemade version of broth always beats the store bought kinds in flavor and nutrition. The homemade kind not only tastes great but also healthier, richer, more ...

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Some kitchen tips for cooking fast

rupcare_fast cooking tips

  Although cooking is enjoyable, it is very enjoyable for busy people. Quickly cooked food, they have to run fast and face them. You can cook something appetizing as quickly as you can but cook it faster than before. To know about some techniques. Cooking experts here tell me some great mantras. 1. Due to milk intake many dangers happen. ...

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Make mango chutney easily

rupcare_mango chutney

  While this homemade mango chutney is delicious with curry, try it with cold meats to jazz up leftovers. Ingredients 4 large mangoes, peeled, stoned and sliced salt 4 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed 450g/1lb caster sugar 2 baking apples, peeled, cored and chopped 1 tbsp English mustard powder 1 tbsp grated fresh root ginger 600ml/1 pint white wine vinegar ...

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6 different types of delicious halua


  Shawabata haluaa will not make. You can also create different flavors with different materials. Take a look at the recipes given by Rosena Mahjabain. Mascot Halua Ingredients: 1 cup of cornflower, sugar or 2 cups of fresh water, flour half cup, China gras 15 to 17 grams (soak 30 liters of water in 1 cup water), half a cup ...

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Some different types of recipe of rice

rupcare_rice recipe

  It can not be surprised to see how much can be done with rice. Even if rice becomes saturated, you can make these recipes with it. Some recipes are as follows. 1. Rice with rice and rice Powder well with rice and pulse blender. It’s a smooth paste and a paste. When thin, add flour to the dough. Then ...

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Delicious meat chop recipe

rupcare_meat chop

  Meat chops are the favorite food of many people. Let’s know the easy recipe to make delicious meat chops. Whatever it takes 1 cup boiled potato Cooked meat without 1 cup bone One and a half cups of ginger-garlic paste Half teaspoon hot spicy powder 1 teaspoon kebab spice 3 onions cooked 3 tbsp cottage cheese The bread pie ...

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Vegetable beef jhal frezy

rupcare_veg beef jhal frezy

  Like any recipe beef meal is also a great fun. It is a new dimension to the use of vegetables. Ingredient - without bones and fat of beef cut into thin 1 kg - 8 tablespoons of yogurt - 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder - 1 tablespoon chili powder - Two tablespoons of lemon juice - at the two ...

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Different types of Ilish recipes for Pohela Boishakh


  The food fish that goes beyond any of the dishes taste. There is satisfaction in full of the flavors of the pair. Otherwise, leave it during the whole fish? Typically, you can make a difference, however, do a little cooking. Take a quick look at the recipe, so the different flavors of Hilsa. Hilsa salt roast Ingredients: 24 pieces ...

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Dhakai food recipe for pohela boishakh


  It will be the first day of summer with various cooking local usual fashion; Take a look at the evidence of the cooking. But the evidence means more than cooking oil and sour-spicy biryani, not meat. Sitara Ferdous something like the table in terms of heat. Cooling watermelon Materials: 4 cups chopped watermelon, half a cup of sugar, half ...

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Special ‘Chanar Mishty’ for Bengali new year celebration


  The programs will be the first day of the little sweets are what? Not at all. New Year Celebrations are all sweet home. Would like to entertain guests with a sweet course. But many do not like sweet rings. Everyone was a little less sweet sweet sweet baby like this. If you have less time and absolutely simple ways ...

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Alu Bokhara & Bombay Chili Achar Recipe


  Pepper, prunes, or Bombay, both ate different manners. But if these two things together that made pickles taste twist is clear that the tongue taste will be satisfied. Be made straight, a lot of fun to eat. Sharmin Haque gave the recipe. Ingredients: Bombaimarica 0. 3 cups prunes. Pemyajakuci 1 cup. Rasunabata two teaspoons. KwaZulu 1 cup of whole ...

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Chira & Vegetable Chop Recipe

rupcare_chira & vegetable chop

  One would be if a little bit of time. Why then, one day’s assume that retirement is a recipe like eating delicious. Saima Sultana and are recipe. Ingredients Cimra a half cup (3 to 4 minutes soaking, the water shed) Half a cup of potato in small cubes 3 table spoons of carrots in small cubes Half a cup ...

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Spicy tomato onion chicken recipe


  Chicken curry with chicken flavors of tomato and tomato paste in a cooking fun. And it’s very easy to create. Ingredients Chicken (half a kg) or 1 Telah 12 cups Tomatoes, sliced ​​1 1/4 cup chopped onion 12 tablespoons chopped garlic 12 tablespoons of chopped ginger 12 tablespoons chopped dried chilli Two tablespoons of tomato purine 1 teaspoon sugar ...

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Kima Vuna Recipe: Perfect With Bread

rupcare_kima vuna recipe

  Loves to eat meat items with paratha bread in the morning? If you do not rely on the previous day’s stale, please create a vegetable spaisi minced roast. Very easy to create, one day be able to eat in quite kayekadinai. And yes, you need to eat with rice. Let’s then assume that Saima Sultana simple recipe. Materials Chicken ...

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