Delitious Roshogolla Recipe


  Rosalola is sweet to the life of Bengalis. Needless to say that many people have made this sweet and at home the recipes are different. Today Tamanna Zaman has come up with a recipe that is very easy to make perfect juice. His recipe ranges from being made to chana until the details of each step. Along with this, ...

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Easy home made laban recipe

rupcare_laban recipe

  A glass of lamb to add to life in this summer but will bring calm down. There will not be any trouble to create. Take a quick look at the easy way to make lobang. Materials Mint leaves – 5 table spoons Chef – 1 cup Bit salt – like the taste Chopped cumin powder – 1/4 teaspoon of ...

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Special Snacks: Fish Kima Samusa

rupcare_fish samusa

  Why not just children, there are many adults who do not want to eat fish easily. Fish can feed them by taking fish and taking them a little while and eating them wisely. How is that? The recipe has been published today. My today’s recipe is – A lot of fish stuffed with fishes. What we need to make ...

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Different type of Semolina/Suji Cake in Iftar (with video)


  Everyone likes a little bit of cake cakes. Many cakes are made out of baker’s cakes. If you want to make a little different cake, today’s recipe is for you. Suji cakes can be made with suji and coconut. This cake is slightly different from the ordinary cake. Take a look at the recipe of different delicious suzy cakes. ...

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Perfect Chicken Dopeyaja recipe

rupcare_chicken dopeyaja

  Does it feel great to have a hot hot nan or leopard in the restaurant, do not you? Many of us cook this meal in the restaurant, but what exactly does the restaurant taste? Look at the cover of the cover, pictures of Farhin Rahman’s Chicken Dopeyaajara. Not showing, absolutely perfect? So, let’s know, this is a great recipe! ...

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Tamarind drink for Iftar peace

rupcare_tamarind drink

  Organic food is going on in the month of Ramadan. But keep in mind, if you want nutritious and healthy food in Iftar this hot and long day. Experts say that iftar is more productive than frightening, intelligent work. So, during the month of Ramadan, the fruits of various fruits will be highlighted for the readers. Know today’s about ...

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Home made recipe for perfect Yogurt

rupcare_yogurt in iftar

  A sweet confectionery is a very simple way to eat Bengali food. At any festival or even after a meal every day, I used to think a little about sweetening. Many people regularly eat yogurt regarding good health. In the Ramadan, instead of Bhojapora, iftar is also kept in the iftar. We know this food can be made at ...

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How you can prepare healthy Iftar

rupcare_healthy iftar

  Since Ramadan is the fasting of the month of Ramadan, when the month of Ramadan occurs in Muslim countries, everyone prepares to fast and also changes in the schedule of their daily activities. In Ramadan, there was a busy start to organize different kinds of food for iftar. In particular, there is a tendency to produce various delicious and ...

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Pasta soup recipe!

rupcare_pasta soup recipe

  Many people do not know the sap that can be made with pasta. Although a fun snack is a pasta soup. Ingredients Pasta 100 grams 2 cups of chicken stock Mashroom Kochi 4 Tomato paste 1 table spoon The white part of the egg is 1 Oil 2 table spoon Salt taste Little sugar Black pepper powder is one-sided ...

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rupcare_soup stock

  Broth is a basic in my kitchen. Besides using the broth to make soups, sauces or rice dishes, I frequently use it to boil pasta and vegetables for a more flavorful dish. The homemade version of broth always beats the store bought kinds in flavor and nutrition. The homemade kind not only tastes great but also healthier, richer, more ...

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Some kitchen tips for cooking fast

rupcare_fast cooking tips

  Although cooking is enjoyable, it is very enjoyable for busy people. Quickly cooked food, they have to run fast and face them. You can cook something appetizing as quickly as you can but cook it faster than before. To know about some techniques. Cooking experts here tell me some great mantras. 1. Due to milk intake many dangers happen. ...

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Make mango chutney easily

rupcare_mango chutney

  While this homemade mango chutney is delicious with curry, try it with cold meats to jazz up leftovers. Ingredients 4 large mangoes, peeled, stoned and sliced salt 4 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed 450g/1lb caster sugar 2 baking apples, peeled, cored and chopped 1 tbsp English mustard powder 1 tbsp grated fresh root ginger 600ml/1 pint white wine vinegar ...

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6 different types of delicious halua


  Shawabata haluaa will not make. You can also create different flavors with different materials. Take a look at the recipes given by Rosena Mahjabain. Mascot Halua Ingredients: 1 cup of cornflower, sugar or 2 cups of fresh water, flour half cup, China gras 15 to 17 grams (soak 30 liters of water in 1 cup water), half a cup ...

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Some different types of recipe of rice

rupcare_rice recipe

  It can not be surprised to see how much can be done with rice. Even if rice becomes saturated, you can make these recipes with it. Some recipes are as follows. 1. Rice with rice and rice Powder well with rice and pulse blender. It’s a smooth paste and a paste. When thin, add flour to the dough. Then ...

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Delicious meat chop recipe

rupcare_meat chop

  Meat chops are the favorite food of many people. Let’s know the easy recipe to make delicious meat chops. Whatever it takes 1 cup boiled potato Cooked meat without 1 cup bone One and a half cups of ginger-garlic paste Half teaspoon hot spicy powder 1 teaspoon kebab spice 3 onions cooked 3 tbsp cottage cheese The bread pie ...

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