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The Types Of Girl That Most Guys Are Attracted To


  Every girl has their own character, personality and quality. All you have to do is to be yourself. Remember when a guy likes you; he likes you as a whole. Different guys are attracted to different kind of girls but what matter the most is the attitude and character. So, from this article you will get to know what ...

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13 surprising ways your name affects your success

rupcare_how name affects your success

  What’s in a name? Potentially your future. A host of research shows just how much your name can affect your lifetime success, from your hireability to your spending habits. We took a look at the research and have highlighted some of the surprising findings below. If your name is easy to pronounce, people will favor you more. In a ...

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5 things you should NOT do during sex

rupcare_avoid during sex

  Since people have recently started discussing Sex openly, we can call ourselves almost naive when it comes to knowing anything about the trip to pleasureville. Sex is not what you studied in your biology class back in school or got to know after watching porn videos; real life encounters have far more challenges than you ever thought about. Based ...

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5 Marriage Lessons That Mothers Should Give To Their Sons

rupcare_mother and son

  When it comes to marriages, mothers share a lot of information and give a lot of advice to their daughters. But, they often forget or overlook the importance of imparting some advice when it comes to their sons. In fact, the relationship a son has with his mother or how he sees his mother, is usually reflected on how ...

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Why mother hate daughter-in-law


  This is how it begins: Your guy pops the question and tells you that his family is just going to love you, especially his mom. You’re the daughter she never had. You assume that means she’s going to be supersupportive of all your choices, will offer help when you ask for it, but otherwise, stay out of your life ...

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Having Physical Relation On Your Wedding Night: Is It Good or Bad?

rupcare_first night of wedding

  Planning your wedding is one of the happiest times of your life. I have had the pleasure of talking to many brides who have shared the final results of how their wedding turned out. It’s typically the best day of their life, but sometimes have a little mistake they wish they could have avoided. These are the things I ...

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How To Live Like A Rich Without Lots of Money

rupcare_live like a rich without money

  Do you regret not earning truckloads of money that could buy you the luxury life you’ve always wanted? I’ve seen people become depressed because of their poor finances. Many teenagers miss out early in life just because their parents cannot afford the latest gadgets their rich friends can afford. However, money is not everything. Money might buy you things ...

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Reasons why people have extramarital affairs

rupcare_extra marital affar

  People all around are having extramarital affairs, regardless of their socioeconomic background or location. Some instances come as a shock because when things seem to be going well in the marriage. You can’t help but wonder — Why? Something obviously went wrong somewhere. Here are some possible reasons as to why people indulge in an extramarital affair. 1. Early ...

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Know women according to their lips


  “The most important thing your lips speak to is [what you're like] in relationships and how giving you are,” says Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face. “You were born with the features you have for a reason — every feature is linked to a part of your personality and they ...

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Signs You Haven’t Made Self-Care Your Top Priority

rupcare_Signs You Haven’t Made Self-Care Your Top Priority

  To get ahead in this busy world, you have to put your own needs on the backburner once in a while. But that doesn’t mean you should keep them there until they start to boil over. No matter how giving of a person you are, you should always be looking out for number one. Above all else, this means ...

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Why people are different in facebook than real life

rupcare_why people are different in facebook

  The developer Rameet Chawla found out when he built a script that liked every photo that passed through his Instagram feed. He grew his followers by about 30 a day He got invited to more parties He got stopped on the street by people who recognized him from Instagram He got message after message from friends encouraging him to ...

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Are you intelligent? Know with these question

rupcare_are you intelligent enough

  Are you usually aware of your feelings and why you feel that way? Are you aware of your limitations, as well as your personal strengths, as a leader? Can you manage your distressing emotions well — e.g., recover quickly when you get upset or stressed? Can you adapt smoothly to changing realities? Do you keep your focus on your ...

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Want Happiness in Life? Here is Some Psychological Tips for You

rupcare_tips for happiness

  According to clinical psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D, “well-being is associated with balance, understanding, acceptance and constant growth.” Below you’ll find 15 ways to help you flourish and bolster your well-being. 1. Accept your emotions. “Some would argue that most of our physical, mental and relational problems come from our inability to adequately experience emotions,” Howes said. “We deny, bury, ...

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Rules of bed for good marriage life

rupcare_rules in bed for good relationship

  Happy couples know that the real relationship begins when the honeymoon is over. They know that unless you maintain the garden of love, its beauty will wither and die. Go to bed at the same time. Remember the beginning of your relationship, when you couldn’t wait to go to bed with each other to make love? Happy couples resist ...

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Know The Signs of True Love

rupcare_true love

  The beginning stages of a relationship can feel very vulnerable. Maybe you’ve been betrayed or burned in the past and doubt your judgement about whether this guy is for real—or not! Here are seven guiding signs to see clearly through the clouds of vulnerability and determine if he truly loves you: 1. He values you knowing your value. I ...

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