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What Your Hand Writing Say About Your Personelity

rupcare_hand writing

  It’s amazing how much you can tell from a person’s handwriting. Just like your body language, your handwriting speaks volumes about your character and can even be used to indicate serious health problems. We at Bright Side collected the most predominant features of calligraphy that define your personality. Size does matter When analyzing your handwriting, the size is critical. ...

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Things That Preventing Your Happiness

rupcare_things that preventing your hapiness

  I’m fascinated by the link between the way we live our daily lives and the health and happiness we enjoy. There are choices that you make every day, some of which seem completely unrelated to your health and happiness, that dramatically impact the way you feel mentally and physically. With that said, here are 10 common mistakes that can ...

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8 Signs of Bad Marriage

rupcare_8 signs of bad marriage

  The first time I heard the phrase “toxic marriage,” I felt a little sick. That couldn’t be me, could it? If you’re reading this now, you’ve got that little nagging intuition that tells you something in your relationship is off. Is it? See if any of these eight signs sound familiar and you be the judge. 1. You find ...

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Wrong Things That Reducing Your Lifespan

rupcare_things that reducing your lifespan

  Let’s be honest: From the moment we’re born, we’re all dying just as we’re living. But certain mundane things we do every day may actually be helping us get there faster. None of this means we should even try to eliminate these behaviors from our lives entirely, but it’s proof that overdoing anything, even when seemingly innocuous, can have ...

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Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Lover

rupcare_don't do these in front of your lover

  When we are in love, we are always excited about doing something great for our special ones. In this process, we do not realise that we are going overboard. This might even look bad to the other person without our knowledge. In this article, we are here to share some of the most dumbest things that you need to ...

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Amazing ways to attract your loved one

rupcare_things that create attraction to love

  When it comes to creating a long-lasting relationship, it takes more than just “heat” and “chemistry.” In this article, David DeAngelo reveals four ways ANY man can create the powerful, enduring attraction that’s at the heart of every great relationship. Ever watch a great dance team perform together? It’s really amazing to watch.They seem so connected, able to anticipate ...

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Don’t break up easily for these reason

rupcare_don't break up easily for these reason

  Have you ever observed a hostile couple and thought, Why do they stay together? When I was a rookie therapist over a decade ago and encountering such partners, it was a case of the more you know, the less you understand. That scared me since a master’s degree in social work meant I should have had a leg up ...

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How you ruining your life without even realising it

rupcare_how we are ruining our life

  Life, as we all know, is not a straight line. There’s no concrete set of stages which every person passes through according to the same timetable. You’re not under any obligation to finish your education, raise a family, or start a career by a certain age. You don’t have to get married at 25 and become an executive at ...

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Be Smart Inside & Out

rupcare_be smart with 10 tips

  You might be under the impression that intelligence is a fixed quantity set when you are young and unchanging thereafter. But research shows that you’re wrong. How we approach situations and the things we do to feed our brains can significantly improve our mental horsepower. That could mean going back to school or filling your bookshelves (or e-reader) with ...

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Will your male partner stay with you always

rupcare_will your male partner stay with you always

  We men sometimes get a bad rap. The stereotypical “man” doesn’t do any of the following. However, the only men who are actually like this are created by writers as sitcom fodder (hopefully). In truth, when a man finds the person he knows he’ll be spending the rest of his life with, he’ll certainly work his hardest to keep ...

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How to be success in love

rupcare_how to be success in love

  1) Take it slow…What’s the rush? If it’s the right relationship – it’ll grow and blossom each and every day. 2) Have clear boundaries about what you will and won’t accept. You teach others how to treat you verbally and non-verbally. 3) Don’t lose your identity in an attempt to please you partner 4) Keep your own interests and ...

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Bring romance to your relationship again

rupcare_bring romance again

  When you’re busy working on being the best parent possible, it’s easy to neglect your adult relationship. Ashley H., for instance, says that after being with her husband for nearly seven years, their “love life is almost like a routine, and sometimes nonexistent.” She asks, “How can I get the romance back into my marriage?” The experienced moms community ...

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Tell yourself these 10 things for perfect life

rupcare_always tell yourself 10 things

  Do you want to be more successful? Highly successful people often have similar attitudes and mindsets that help them to achieve their great success. From having goals to being flexible, here are 10 things you need to consider if you want to become highly successful. 1. They don’t make excuses for themselves. Almost everyone has dreams, but many people ...

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Whom should I love

rupcare_whom should I love

  The following Notes will be very difficult to read and accept if you have not completed your search of your heart, mind, and soul. As you read them please do not reject what they say. Complete your search, know and understand true, pure, real, love, before you make your choices. Take all the time you need, days, weeks, months, ...

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How to choose the right partner for you

rupcare_who is your right partner

  selecting the right life partner is necessary to lead a happy married life. Here’s how you can select your perfect one. There are many factors that one needs to consider when choosing a life partner. The most important aspect is to consider things that are crucial to you. Find someone who you can connect with easily It is very ...

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