Caution in using Air Conditioner

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Say in the house or outside, life is now AC-MOI AC at home.

If you step outside, AC in office Shopping mall ac. No space left. But know this, the comfort of the Ace is invisible to us, the terrible problem for the body.

Our body moisture decreases for long periods of time. This air of the body is dragging the necessary moisture. Due to that, the skin becomes dry-dry every day. After long periods of spontaneity in the eyes of the eyelashes. Many people have problems like red eyes or dryness in the eye.

Often times, the air blowing holes from the AC machine are not fully clean. Various bacteria that were born in dirty air at the mouth of AC machine

Bicycling with the cold air in the bacteria brings many dangers to the body.

In addition, many people suffer from respiratory problems. The cause of various infections in the body may be due to the symbiotic bacteria mixed with the iceberg. Another side effect of the Ac is that many people feel overly exhausted to work in the essence.