Coconut oil for acne relief


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Coconut oil has been used since ancient times in many skin care. This is very effective to get rid of that pesky acne of the face, you know what? Let us assume that this method is a website based on beautycare.

What you need:
1. Turmeric powder (Turmeric powder)
2. Apple Cider Vinegar (Apple cider vinegar)
3. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin Coconut oil)

How to use:

1. After washing your face every night with phesaoyasa wait a few minutes until dry mouth.

2. Coconut oil is thicker then take the little finger.

3. We grind until the palm of the hand as well garamabhaba anubhutahaya light.

4. Phil was my idea to warm it gently press and massage are dugale.

5. The whole face ‘Face massage of the face, such as massage in circular motion began.

6. I have to massage the neck and jaw.

7. Coconut ayelabyabahara do before going to bed. Coconut oil after use and nothing else lagaini face.

8. Let us wake up in the morning to wash away phesaoyasadiye.

Coconut oil after the rules that must be followed –
• After using coconut oil in the face, do not use anything else.
• Use a moisturizer immediately to ayaplaina.
• 1 month or 5 consecutive days with a 10-day break from ayelabyabahara Coconut skin moisturizer for regular use. Coconut oil back then.