Cold wind may blow again!

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Today the maximum temperature of 3 degrees Celsius in the capital Dhaka. Chittagong is one more degree above 33 percent two degrees Celsius. A little bit of morning mist in the night air, there is no ignoring the cold. Almost the same situation in other sections of the country. Sylhet, where the temperature is hovering near 10 degrees, the lowest temperature there.

So what went Maghera Before the end of the winter? Probably not. According to weather forecast, the first half of the current month over the country’s northern and central bearing may be a mild cold wave. Forecasters do not rule out the possibility of giving bajrasaha storm.

In addition, the river basin and elsewhere in the morning light or mist is likely to remain moderate.

The meteorological department said in a press release on Sunday, according to weather data, weather urdhbakasera format, analyzed different levels of the atmosphere, the forecast said weather map analysis.

Meteorological department forecasts for the next three months, the release said.

According to the meteorological department, in this day and night temperature will increase gradually. In the second half of February in the north, north-western and central bajrapatasaha storm could be one to two days.

According to the release, as a whole, normal rainfall is expected in March. In the country’s north and central north-wester, or from one of the two medium or bajrasaha storms could be severe.

According to the weather forecast in advance, in April may cause depression in the Bay of Bengal from one of the two. It may take the form of at least one cyclone.