Colorful Fashion in Pohela Falgun


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Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and winter is bidding farewell. Yes, the Bangla month of Falgun is on our doorstep.

And what better way is there to welcome this month other than by celebrating Pohela Falgun?

Ornate Nature
Harmonize with the serenity of nature in your style statement. Bring the purity of white in your fashion and mix it with beautiful flower prints and green coloured embellishments.

Delight of Colours
Bid Adieu to the grays and dark colours of winter fashion and embrace the delightful rhapsody of colours of spring in your style.

Classic And Cool
A vintage style embedded in the Pahela Falgun vibes with the classic bun, a dark and yellow, orange printed saree, pretty yellow flowers and carefully contoured eyes can be your perfect Falguni fashion this year.

Vogue of Spring
Reign spring and the fashion of spring in your own blossoming trends that comprises of budding colours, flower embellishment and elegant vibes.

Falgun Flavours
As it is all about styling on the occasion of Pahela Falgun, so let your style speak out loud. Incorporate contrasts, splashes of colours, beautiful accessories and floral decorations for your perfect Pahela Falgun style.