Conspiracy against Apu Biswas

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She alleged that actress Apu was conspiring against her. His film ‘Politics’, released in the Eid, has been released in just 40 theaters. He did not even think in the dream.

Earlier in the career, Apu acted as a means of getting hundreds of theaters. ‘My name is Khan’, ‘Hero of the superstar’, ‘Love Marriage’, ‘Rajababu’ – every movie has got business success.

But why this year? ‘There is a plot plot against me. I do not know what to do to them. After a long time, I returned to the screen.

A week before Eid, my image was at the top of the audience demand. Besides, the last decade of Shakib-Apu means the pictures hit. But now they are ready to make the flop before the release of the photo. Actually they do not want me to remain in the film!

But I have challenged, with this small number of theaters, the audience will win the hearts. In the meantime, the conspirators started to get to know it. Now nationwide is the shouting of the film, “said Apu Biswas.