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Do you clean ears with Cottonbad every day? Experts say that from this Cottonbad, there may be small to big wounds in the ear.

Chris Jatana, a researcher at the National Children’s Hospital in Ohio, USA, said there are two ideas about cranking. We think regular ears should be cleaned at home and Cotton Badges are the safest to tie ears. Both are wrong ideas.

Researchers at this University have conducted a study for 21 years since 1990-2010. During this time, 2,063 thousand minor patients were treated in the emergency department of the hospital who came to the hospital with wounds in the ears from Cottonbad.

Meaning that 12 thousand or 34 days of the year came to the problem. Of these, 73 percent of the cases happened to clean the ears. 10 percent of the cases were wound up to play with Cottonbags, and 9 percent of cases were wound due to falling child during Cottonbud.

But, why Cottonbad is bad? Jatana said that the ear canal or ear hole has the ability to automatically clean. Cottonbad pushing the ears out of the ear, instead of bringing it far away, pushing it to the screen of the ear. As a result the risk of wounding increases.

Usually the ear screen and soft tissue are at risk of injury. In cases of severe injuries, ear screen rupture, broken bone can happen. Damage to hearing impairment, loss of body balance, can lead to terrible accidents.

The results of this research have been published in the Journal of Pediatrics.