Cucumber diet to lose weight upto 7 kgs

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As the cucumber helps digestion, the intestines and gastric cleanses. Dietitians say that eating regular cucumber to keep the body cool in summer. Due to regular cough, there is a decrease in skin problems.
However, the biggest benefit of the rabbit is to know the help of weight loss. Due to the help of metabolism, cough reduces fat by helping to reduce weight. So if they want to be lean, the doctors advise to eat cucumber. Cucumber also helps in controlling diabetes.
The name of this diet can be 7 days of sugary diet but it can be followed up to 10 days. Experts say that weight can be reduced to 7 kg in this diet.

Morning breakfast
2 boiled eggs
1 plate cucumber salad

Mid-morning snacks (2 hours after breakfast)

1 apple (less than 200 grams)

1 Bread Toast
1 bowl rabbit salad

Snacks (2 hours after lunch)
Cucumber Shake (1 cucumber, 1 apple and 1 pound made with spinach)

Any fruit of your choice (300 g)
(There is no need to eat anything else at night)