Daily 5 mistakes that reducing your youth!

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Nowadays, there are many people who have seen age and age of the child without being able to cross the age of thirty. Hiding the face skin or creating a “bag” under the eye, or face-to-face metabolism, stains and wrinkles can be seen. Apart from adverse weather, some of our practices are responsible for aging in appearance at this young age. It can be called bad habit. These bad habits are taking away the beauty of the outside with our inside. Your body does not just burn, it also destroys the beauty of your face. You are so much older than the age that you look However, if you take a few minor mistakes, your body and face will be uninterrupted without any extra care.

Less sleep
We do not have enough sleep in our busyness or many other reasons. A full adult person needs sleeping 6-8 hours a day.

Moderately not to sleep, as well as other diseases in the body as well as skin can be seen to read the age-old impression. Do not get sufficient sleep due to dark circles and eye swelling. Not only that, due to inadequate sleep, fast facial skin hangs out. And there are thousands of additional diseases, as well as bonus!

Eating too much sweet food
Eating too much sweets does not only increase weight, also causes much damage to the skin. Playing extra sweets can damage the skin’s collagen tissue, so that the skin is visible on the skin. Meanwhile, you increase your weight, different types of body birth, and you are old enough to come out of old age. So beware of eating sweet foods.

Smoking and drinking
There is no need to say what is harming the body due to smoking and drinking. At the same time, the damage of the face is very heavy. Increased amount of blood circulation in the lower vein of the skin. In this, the veins below the skin are permanently damaged. As a result there are many types of age spots in the skin.

Extra exercises
Exercise is much better for health. But nothing extra is right. If you think that the body will be well organized when exercising, it may be right. However, it is also true that more labor is taken away from the body and appearance of youth. Besides, losing the skin of youth. As a result of excessive exercise, collagen tissue of the skin is broken. This resulted in the ringclick on the skin. The skin is gone.

Do not use sunscreen
Many do not care about the burning of the sun. Many people do not use sunscreen to forget or lazily. But you are harming yourself. Sunlight sparkle improves your appearance quickly. Sunburn damaged the meats, spots, wrinkles and skin hiding. So use sunscreen every day.