Dandraff Solution in Winter






Dandruff is one of a variety of skin problems in our heads. Many do not see the dandruff on the year, but the winter is very well dandruff can be found. Then you can begin to think about how to drive khusakike. But what persistent dandruff and wants to go smoothly! Winter is the reason for dandruff –

– Extra Dry Scalp head or being ayeli

– Skalpe additional cold or hot water use

– Do not shampoo hair properly and

– The fungus attacks myalasijiya

Hair starts to fall due to dandruff, many problems such as itching skalpe. So today I’ll, winter khusakike Bye Bye to inform about a witch hair pack. Let’s assume that.


1 small piece of cucumber
Cucumber out dandruff very effective role. Sasate contains silica, which removes dandruff. Scalp blood circulation also increases the cucumber, Scalp helps maintain pH balance.

1 lemon juice
Scalp lemon juice to remove stickiness, the skalpake mayascaraija. Scalp Sales remove dead skin. Lemon juice also contains anti-fungal material, which is out of dandruff.

1 packet of shampoo anti dyanadrapha
There is an anti-fungal material syampute anti dyanadrapha, which helps to remove dandruff.

How to create a karabena
Sasati 1 of the First Great to be a gretarera. With the help of a filter to strain rasatuku cucumber. The cucumber juice in a bowl, lemon juice and shampoo packets of an anti dyanadrapha Take out the shampoo. 3. Mix the ingredients. Now, pack your hair.

Terms of Use:
– Take a cotton ball and dip mixes on. Sithi hair cut and paste skalpe cotton ball to put the finger on the skalpe to massage.

– Leave for 15 minutes. Then wash.

– Use it two days a week.

– With the use of this pack on your used towels, pillow cover, combs, clips, etc., regularly clean.

I learned this winter, how to remove dandruff. This pack will work very well to get rid of dandruff. Use the Quick and khusakike say bye bye.