Danger of using smartphone in darkness

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In the current era, smartphone fans can not live without a smartphone for a moment. Wherever I want to let the smart smartphone stay nearby. Night-time companionship smartphone Many of us use a smartphone in the dark room before sleeping. But experts say other things. Using a smartphone in the dark room can cause terrible damage.

Without a smartphone, today’s era is seen in the darkness. When you wake up, to see if any notification has arrived, the hand moves towards the phone.

Even before going to sleep at night, looking at the phone, the eyes get stuck. It sounds like it’s a daily thing. But if such a day goes on, its effects go straight to the eye.

According to a report of ‘Green Tree Medicine’, while looking at the phone, come out of the phone, green light is very harmful to the eyes. Even the eyes can be broken up to retina. The same happened with a New York man.

During sleeping every day, he used to make phone calls in dark hours for half an hour. After the examination, the doctors found that the person was suffering from I-cancer.

According to an expert named Finger, the disruption of the light from the smartphone could lead to blindness or eye cancer. The eye cancer of this person reached such a place that the doctors could not live up to him. So if you have this habit, turn it off now.