Dead man alive in morgue!






Suddenly, there came someone’s voice from inside the morgue. An unexpected surprise was the sound of a hospital worker. What is it? How is the human voice coming from the Morgue? Someone shouted from inside the morgue are trying to understand a refrigerator. Opening the freezer was, lying naked in a ‘dead’ man from the cold, shaking and trying blanket. The hospital staff was stunned at first, for fear of surprise. This is a terrible demon!

Hardly anyone from the freezer and brought out of herself. Doctors who examined him said, of a heart attack as a result of drinking too much Kamil temporarily stopped breathing, the person’s name. Margei he was again returned to life.

Funny thing is, the death of Poland’s Kamil eluded did not return home. Mortuaries to drink again, but went straight out with his friends to join! Alcohol intoxication how catastrophic it is clear to see kamilake 5 years.