Deep relation can breakup in just 3 mistakes

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Many strong and deep relationships can be lost due to some mistakes in marriage. Especially those who have got married recently thought that the matter is important because of John Hal, a Houston-based relationship expert at Texas. He often counseled couples with many problems. According to him, enough to destroy at least three toxic wrong relationships. Know them

1. Blame the partner about past mistakes
People make mistakes. It can be wrong at any time. When your partner sits in a mistake, then she does not have to store it for the future. Many people think that nothing can be said now. It will be said right on time. But you should do something else. John said, in the time of a mistake, the partner should be understood rather than. He must be aware of his mistake. The wrong thing is not on the head, then the right thing does not come. That’s why he is wrong. But in the future, instead of misinterpretation, the future blame is one of the main reasons.

2. Holding married life will not be different
Maybe, before the marriage, two people have loved to brace. What can be different from married life? What is the marriage paper and what will change? But when you have declared a man as a life partner socially and legally, then a lot has changed from the previous life. In fact, pressure on you was probably less in love life. But now in many ways the pressure has increased. You have been committed to being happy forever with the partner. Dangers in case of separate life after marriage do not take place. Different types of problems will arise. Life will become poisonous

3. Letting parents know about personal problems
It is one of the most complex problems in John Gray. If you inform your untoward problems before the parents level, then the matter is not in the personal level. Maybe they could have fixed themselves. So look at the problem as soon as you read it. Do not let this go to the elders. Then all will be wasted. The problem of the problem that comes from the elderly is actually different. So solve the personal problems themselves.