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Meat chops are the favorite food of many people. Let’s know the easy recipe to make delicious meat chops.

Whatever it takes

1 cup boiled potato
Cooked meat without 1 cup bone
One and a half cups of ginger-garlic paste
Half teaspoon hot spicy powder
1 teaspoon kebab spice
3 onions cooked
3 tbsp cottage cheese
The bread pie is as it is necessary
2 eggs
For oil frying
Salt taste

How to make them

1. First, boil the potatoes thoroughly and boil well. Mix well with cooked meat and mix well with the potato. Separate the white part of the egg with a little salt.

2. Then all the ingredients except the bread in a big bowl mix well together. If it becomes softer, then use it to tear the bread into pieces and reduce the softness of the mixture. Blend as much as you want with the bread.

3. After that, make a round ball with a little mixing of the ball and let it be chopped down. In this way, make your own choice to make a perfect shape with fullness.

4. Do not waste a frying pumpkin oil, and then dry it again and not dry. Sprinkle chops in white areas of the beaten egg and keep fry them from light to medium with pans.

5. Once aside, flip the side in the same way and reddish in the same way.
Chop in a kitchen tissue after frying. Bias, serve this hot hot