Delicious Potato Pitha for All Season






With potato cake! Potatoes, this is an instrument typically associated kitchens in all four seasons, everyone. If you have time to eat it at least once to create your own look. Make sure you’d like.


For Sira,

Two cups sugar
1.5 (s) cups of water
Cardamom 3 pm
All the ingredients together in a bowl and cover with a net 8 minutes.

For cake:

1 cup of boiled potatoes
12 cups of milk powder
Two tablespoons flour
12 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
Two tablespoons of butter

– Get Doe pastes mix all together.

– Apply a little oil to make into round balls.

– Rub the oil on the cake or magazine chace to get the ball up the pressure.

– Underwater oil and fry over a low heat to brown.

– All the cakes together for 5 minutes covered with a mesh cover siraya 3-4 hours of the day.

– Serve up plates from the potato juice cakes filled with wine.