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For a variety of reasons, there is a strong belief that actors and actresses among the common people can do everything for money! From on-screen kissing to nude. But they also have the will-will-want. What they will do in front of the camera and what to do is a very personal matter. So, before signing in the picture, they put some conditions. Let’s take a look at some of the Bollywood Star’s terms and conditions:

There is no work on Sundays

All of Bollywood know that Akshay Kumar does not work on Sunday. It is roughly the rule. But Akshay has gone out of the box sometimes. Acting on Sunday, the actor finished shooting of ‘Ounce Upon A Time in Mumbai Dubra’ directed by Milon Luthria. He was shooting on Sunday even during the ‘Brothers’ movie.

All the centimeters
Some Pakistani actors in Bollywood are very popular, one of them is Ali Zafar. He again emphasized the feelings of the people of the country. The director was asked to kiss the body double in ‘London Paris New York’. Because Ali does not eat kissing. After being close to the screen, if the people of Pakistan are injured in the Sentimental!

Extra Pay, Extra Day
Since ‘Mohenjo Daro’ movie, Hrithik Roshan has laid down a new condition in his contract. The conditions mentioned are ‘overtime’ every day to work out of the schedule time. It’s hard to tell the reason for taking this extra money. But the director of ‘Mahhenjo Daro’, Ashutosh Gowariker worked hard with Hrithik?

No Antimisi
If someone thinks that kissing is not related to acting, what will he mean? If he is a star-kid like Sonakshi Sinha, then it is not possible in any way! Sonakshi thinks,
There is no need for onscreen kisses. It is love without it. Sonakshi clauses say, ‘no antimisi, no kissing’. He also objected to acting in close view. Because he said, “This is not a part of my job!”

No nudity
Priyanka Chopra has kept her contract under ‘no nudity’ clause. He said, ‘There is a difference between wearing a bikini and wearing a bra. And I understand that. “In the US television series Quantico, he has been discussing a bunker recently. Priyanka has said, ‘There is no objection to any newspaper being nude in Photoshoot. That’s Glamorous. But no nudity clause will be in the role of acting. Maybe there is sex in the scene. “He does not like the skin show. In the trawler’s trawah, it does not understand that too much! There he is ‘bold’ enough!

No kissing
Salman Khan, who is known for his “brother-in-law” in Bollywood, says, ‘Kising’ live in real life, what is needed in relay life? Real life is not as brave as Salman Khan. Her mother saw each of her pictures. And since the mother sees her, the boy will not kiss on the screen, it is normal. Therefore, ‘No keying in front of camera’ clause! Salman’s slanderers can not find the meaning of this clause when Bollywood is now in bold movies. However, without a King, ‘Bhajan’ is going to give a super-duper hit movie.