Different skin care tips for different skin type

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Different types of people, different skin. Someone is normal, somebody else is dry or someone else oily. As the skin is different, its care should also be different. Another type of skin care can be fatal reactions. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of the skin according to the type of skin.

Normal skin care
The problem is much less when the skin is normal. If the skin does not care about the health of the skin becomes a serious problem.
1. Clean the skin with soap soap. You can also use the beans. Wash with water after mixing with 2/3 teaspoons of mustard seeds.
2. First wash the body with a little hot water and then bathe in cold water.
3. Give the face a warm bath with cold water and keep it warm.
4. Give at least 5/6 times the cold water in the face. In addition to cleanliness of the skin, the body is neat.
5. Without water, clean the skin with the company’s cleansing milk or cleaning lotions occasionally. Skin deterioration in the skin comes out. Lightly cotton cotton.
6. After cleansing the face skin, apply the freshener or skin toner. Or domestic potions are also good in potato, rabbit wheels, potato juice etc.
7. Use moisturizing lotion in the face to clean.
8. One day in the light hot water, soak the towel with salt and gently rub it on your face, ears, neck, neck and neck. No need to use moisturizing lotions on that day.
9. At least one day a week, at least face hot water. Take some tulsi leaves in light hot water. With a face near the water of the water, you can cover the head with a towel. It is better to take a bow. It is better to take a splurge, it becomes clear of foul smell, it reduces acne. There is no need to take more than five minutes.
10. Those who are normal people can apply face-packs for two days a week. You can prepare face packs in the kitchen like egg yolk and olive oil mixed with water and then wash them in cold water. The skin is bright in the use of the water-pack.
11. When you go to sleep during the night, clean the mouth, hands, legs, and wash them in any season.
12. Before making makeup it is better to apply estrogen lotion.

Mixed skin care
Some parts of the face are oily with mixed skin. That is why it is good to attend only if you understand what part is on this skin. Take care just like normal skin. However, the parts that are more oily, can occasionally apply estrogenous lotion. Use egg face and olive oil in domestic parts and oilseeds and oilseeds in the oily area, it is beneficial.

Oily skin care
Oily skin is actually a healthy skin. The age-old impression on this skin is not easily understood. Make-up is difficult due to always being in oil, but if the mouth is not clear, acne occurs. So, every two days will attend the skin.
1. The better it is to wash the face as often as possible throughout the day.
2. The face of the sandal or lemon sabanera foam well will be sprayed. First wash your face in light hot water or clear the face with the base. Cleansing the fine milk with a cotton or tissue paper.
3. Apply astrinzent lothan twice a day in the summer. It also prevents excess oil of the body. In the domestic system, potato potato, cucumber, potato juice etc. can be put in the morning.
4. Have a good moisturizing lotion every day, neck, neck, face.
5. Face-packed face three days a week. Mix the white pieces of the egg with a few drops of lemon juice and apply it for 20 minutes. Put the cotton-press on the eyes so that it does not take the mixture in the eye corner. After that, wash with water japat.
6. Take hot water at least once a week.

Dry skin care
The dry skin is a thin type, so quickly the bolero falls, it grows up. Care of this skin is very careful.
1. In the morning, evening, wash the face thoroughly at night. Once warm water will give hot water flutter after the hot water.
2. Clean the mouth with cotton cloth and apply moisturizing lotion.
3. Use the company’s skin tonic or lotion every day to freshen up. Remove the face with a soft towel. Freshening with potato powders or cucumber increases the brightness of the skin.
4. Mix olive oil with egg yolk and take a face-pack in the week. Late in the morning with a mask will be lying. Then wash the face well in cold water.
5. Take two vapors twice a month. With hot water on the surface.