Dighi: From a little girl to adult

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Bangladesh Film Journalists Association (Bachasas) election was held on July 21 (Friday) at the National Press Club. The voting ceremony of general voters started from two in the afternoon. The child actress Dighi came to the venue and came to the polling station. As soon as the camera’s flash was flooding. Because the little lighthouse is no longer small. It has grown too much. Dighi has taken the picture from the National Press Club to the photographer Riaz Ahmed.

Dighi’s full name is prayer Faradin Dighi. Dighi is currently studying in the ninth grade of Stamford School in the capital. He will return to acting after the secondary examination, he said.

He has played 36 films in five to six years. Most of the photos are business success. Of these 34 pictures were released. Dighi won the National Film Award for the role of ‘Kabuliwala’ in 2006, ‘Chachchu Maa Chachchu’ in 2010 and ‘Ek Tucker Bau’ in 2012.

No other child artist has ever received the National Film Award in the history of Bangladesh. And not so much popularity. As well as the movie, at the same time, he was seen as a model of the advertisement as well as his presence on the screen.