Disastrous earthquake is coming towards us






Coming devastating mega-quake, which killed four million people and violence to divide the two continents. Not an astrologer, he predicted a nuclear scientist.

Since the earthquake over 016 violence in different parts of the world have been unthinkable loss. A few hundred thousand people died, cattle. Large amounts of property were destroyed. But barely onset of the Purge, the nuclear scientist Mehran kese. This is basically a resident of the Iranian nuclear expert and former students of the University of London. The Netherlands Foundation, a non-profit organization run kese. Its main office in Belgium.

On the basis of its own forecasts published last September, a bhidiyo kese Doctor. His claims, mahabhumikampa terrible is going to happen in the new year in the world, including North and South America over the continent will be isolated. Mahakampanera over several tsunami caused waves in different parts of Asia and North America will be the continent, which is due to at least two million people will die.

According to Dr. kesera, it will be the first in South America mahabhumikampa. He claimed that, in some regions of the quake on the Richter scale levels will be 10 to 16, from 0 to 4, and even in some areas it may be.

Kese nuclear scientist Doctor said, the next few months, several earthquakes in northern China. Mahabhumikampera hit the coast of Mexico and Mexico will be utterly destroyed. Due to the giant tsunami waves will be China, Japan and the Caribbean beaches.

Kese said, peculiar to this forecast. However, the recent worldwide trend that is growing at a rate of earthquakes, it has not been able to rule out many of his words.