Divorce of 2016






♦ Saba Murad

Love for three months, after her parents to marry without approval. After a hiatus of nearly a decade together, the actress and filmmaker Murad Parvez couple Sohana Saba.

They were different from last year’s September. March is the legal process of their separation. The couple is now two and a half year old son vowels.

♦ Positive-Saad

The model-actress Positive biyebiccheda second Sravasti Datta. After the split with actor Adnan Farooq hillol 011 014 Positive Huda Saad Adnan married. The alleged abuses against Suad August, after they divorced.

♦ Salma-Shibli

Salma is married to singer and MP 011 Shibli Sadeq. After marriage, did not sing the alleged Salma. 0 November, five months after their separation is separation. They have a daughter named Sneha.

♦ Sarika-Mahim

Two years later, her husband left her father’s house in Mahim come Karim Sabri Sarika. Earlier this month, a separate report admitted that the separation did not yet Sarika. Mahim said, however, they divorced.

♦ Tipu-Mithila

In June, the music director of the affair and physical torture ibarara Tipu model-actress has been divorced Mithila Farzana. Their eight-year-old has a son.