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In most cases, star couples love the house. But for some unknown reason they went to the opposite position after getting married. Many fans want to know about their love and love, as well as the fans’ interest in the news of their fans. Today’s writing about the story of the separation of the stars of different generations of them for their country show.

Alamgir-Runa Laila: Due to the love of Alamgir, the romance of hero Alamgir and songwriter Khosnamer Runa Laila is a divorce. Music director Alauddin Ali and artist Salma Ali also broke the family for the same reason.

Humayun Faridi-Suborna Mustafa: Acting actor Humayun Faridi and Subarna Mustafa play together in the play stage together. From there, there is a love relationship between them. Faridi got married to actress Sarwna Mostafa in 1984, in connection with her first wife, Minu. The couple lived together for 24 years together. In 2008, Suborna gave a divorce to Humayun Faridi. There is no child in their house. Subsequent to the separation, Humayun Faridi and the family did not break the path, but also subdue director Badrul Anam Saud married her. It is heard today that Subarna’s separation has been done with the 14-year-old sudor of himself.

Ilyas Kanchan-Diti: Ilyas Kanchan, the most influential filmmaker of Bengali film, and the famous heroine Diti Love married each other. Thinking of children or they were each other. But in the long run, the family has not lived. The children who think about the children were united and could not think of each other as a family. What will the parents do?

Partha Barua-Srabanti: The Bollywood actor Perth Barua and actress Srabanti married in love. That love did not last long for them.

Jenny-Amitav Reza: Ad-maker Amitabh Reza gets married on the love of her parents, actress Jenny. Though long love married, their family did not get long.

Tazin-Ezaz Munna: Actress Tazin Ahmed is married to the small screen director Ejaz Munna. Their family did not last long. Tazin’s crackdown on Ejaz Munna and his involvement in the involvement of addiction. After separation from Tazin, Munna married Lux ​​star and actress Mom. Tazin married a musician.

Tazin is good in the second world until the last news, but there is a rumor of the erosion of Ejaz Munna’s family nowadays. It is said to be the image maker Shihab Shaheen or the other person, Munna’s second wife Lux star Mam.

Hriday-Suzanna: Hridoy Khan, who has been married for four years, married seven-year-old Suzanne. In front of newspapers and TV, Hriday Khan said about his love for himself, love. But the heart-wrenching marriage of Hriday Khan fell before the year was over. Because, not being a mutual agreement.